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Name: Bloody eye
Type: demon filly pegasus
Roll: killer
Likes: killing, pinkmena cupcakes and knifes
Hates: ponys getting away
Cutie mark: a heart with a knife by it

rainbowmeana: hmm I wonder whos number will come up first (oh btw I need your ponies numbers )

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name : max demona
type: Pegasus demon
likes: being bad blood and gore
hates: going to jail
cutie mark and looks
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I'm gonna be Rainbow Dash in the RP?

forms are a must !


Is anyone even on dis community

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Victim one of this
Name : Rainbine bloody dash
Type: Pegasus cyborg pony hybrid thing
Like: chaos , guns and a challenge

Hates: Rainbowmena ,pinkamena and her number coming up

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name : rainbowmeana
type: pegusus
role: helps pinkamena
likes: blood and gore, screams and cupcakes
hates: the good
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