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Hello All
I am writing to request your help!
I am about to launch my first Photo book project as an Indiegogo Campaign. I have made this a 'fixed funding' campaign so really need as many people as possible to go the campaign and pledge.
Here is where you come in ... if you have followed me because you like my imagery then I am hoping the you will ...
1. Encourage your own online and offline networks to get involved
2. Come over and see the campaign yourself once it is live and use the share icons to further get the word out
3. If you are interested in the campaign then maybe claim one of the many perks for your self (don't feel obliged to do that, just helping get the word out will be great!)
Launch day will be Friday 14th July 2017
Many thanks

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As much as I love working with the GX680 the fact that there is a lot more visible on the ground glass than the actual image area has been something that I felt made composing a little harder than it should be. To that end I drew up and cut a mask that just drops onto the ground glass. I find this to be a nicer way to compose, without the clutter of the flippers and light leaks outside the image frame. I used heavy black cardboard (from a 4x5 film box) and with a knife and straight edge guide it wasn't too fiddly to cut. I'll look into making one out of plastic for more durability next. The template can be found here if you want to try it out:

Add a tab with a piece of gaffers tape so it can easily be lifted out and reoriented.

Just purchased a 680 on eBay with delivery by the end of the week! Camera is being shipped with the 135mm 5.6 lens, 120 back, and the Fuji FP100 film pack and a working 7.2v battery! Would be very interested in seeing more battery hacks - looking forward to reading all the posts between a bathroom reno!

I am thinking of buying a GX680 and wondering if the batteries in the film back power anything other than the LED? I would assume that the battery pack in the camera runs the motor, meter, etc. If all they power is the LED, then one could, I presume, continue using the back and the camera. Please tell if the battery in the back is must to use the camera. Thanks in advance.

Can anyone please share his/her experience with tripod heads? Especially on pros and cons of ball heads and independent tri-axial ones. I see that trial and error is the most frequent advice and the choice of a tripod head can be a personal matter, most of the time. Still, Fuji GX680 is a rather special camera and knowing what tripod head you use (and why do you use that particular one) may be helpful for newcomers to this side.

Hello. Do anyone have any doc on the protocol between camera and lens?

I was thinking of maybe putting the lens on something else and have it trigger with something :)

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My first test photo on my Fuji gx680. I used Fuji FP-100c instant film.

Hello,  I recently acquired a GX680, but I'm having a problem with the mirror. Whenever I take a photo,  the mirror mechanism stays open, even when set for single photo, and won't close until I turn off the camera and then turn it back on. (Also, the red warning light blinks and the camera makes a beeping noise when the mirror stays open.) This is even when I have the mirror button down. I don't think the camera's been used in more than 7 years. I will try cleaning the contacts. I will also try some new batteries to see if that works. I would appreciate any help and suggestions. Thanks!

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Though I've wanted one, the typical cost of the GX680 III  AA battery holder kept me from buying one. I decided to see if I could make use of the cover on the side of the camera that protects the power terminals. I found a AA battery holder at auction for less than 2.00 USD, shipped, and went about hacking things together. All it took was a couple of strips of springy scrap metal, some epoxy and a couple of screws. The pics should tell most of the story.

Originally, the battery holder wires ran out the bottom but I didn't want to see them there so I gave them a new route through the back and drilled a suitable hole in the terminal cover plate to let them pass through. The wires are just twisted together so I can easily separate the battery holder from the terminal cover if I know I'm not going to be using it. This reveals the three small holes in the terminal cover that I made. Simply taping off the holes from inside would seal it back up again if one were concerned with that. 

I dropped in a piece of 1/4" thick plastic in the well where the pin on the GX680 III is that tells the camera to take power from these cells. It's left loose so I can use the cover later without the battery holder if desired. 

The terminal cover fit is a bit sloppy and so it took a little trial and error tweaking the metal contacts into a shape and position that held power even when the battery holder was wiggled around. I experienced no loss of power when jiggling it about. All in all, I'm quite happy with the mod. 
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