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Name: Starfyre The Eternal Flame or you can just call me Star.

Gender: Female

Skills: Can be any size, breathes healing purple flame as well as control air and earth elements.

Personality: Fierce, protective, loyal, can be silly at times, loves to fly, make friends, and snuggle

Likes: Decent souls, flying, and hunting.

Dislikes: Bullies

Age: 400 years of age

Owner? again? what? why? how?.... uhhhg.......

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Name~ Audrey Strauss
Age~ 16
Gender~ female
Species~ human
Weapons~ hand gun and large sword
Powers~ I can control water
Bio~ I've been living with my dad, he's human but has amazing art skills. I got my power to control water from my mom.. She is the daughter of a dragon. I have a younger sister who I always take care of since my dad is always out.
Likes~ drawing, music, headphones, reading, and writing
Dislikes~ people who annoy me, bullies, and my step mother
Personality~ funny, unique/weird, nice, a tomboy, and loyal
Appearance~ image below; usually I ware baggy sweatshirts, I have glasses but I don't ware them when I fight. A combo of the two images below; long black hair, height as the second one, brown eyes as the first, oh and a light blue streak through my hair.
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Name:Crystallize D
Gender: Female
Dragon age:1000
Likes: spending time with others, and having fun, dragons and other mythical creatures
Dislikes: mean people, people wasting my time,being shouted at and not be honest
Powers: magic, darkness,fire,speed
Free time: flying,playing games and having fun

Sos mentioned to be on dragon profileXD

(+Shadows of Insanity)
One day you see logi squeze int a little hole near the entrence to the "caves". the hole seems to be just slightly bigger then his is and he does not come out. What will you do?

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Name: Alduin

Age: 6000

Species: Dragon

- Resurrection
- Elemental breath (breathe all elements)
- Regeneration
- Invisibility
- Mind control (only works on anything weaker than him)

Description: Alduin is a very old and wise dragon, back in the days of the dragon war Alduin was the dragon King, he ruled over everyone and fought of humans as mere pests. He has red eyes that are almost hypnotic.

Personality: Empowering
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Asbell Would be just about to enter the cave, he had supply's like a flashlight, water and some snacks like a protein bar. Asbell wanted to enter the cave to see if he could find dragons as Asbell had a massive interest with them. Asbell took his first step and entered the pure black cave, the flashlight didn't give away enough light so Asbell used his powers. Flashes of lightning started bursting out Asbells hands as he could control all elements on earth like fire, earth, water and lightning. The lightning flashes created lots of light that he used to navigate the cave

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~Name: Asbell Kai
~Age: 17
~Gender: male
~Species: human
~Powers: manipulation of all earths elements
~Bio: Unknown
~Description of character: Image
~Likes: Relaxing, dragons,
~Dislikes: anyone who ruins his time
~Personality: sweet and kind, you don't want to get on his bad side
~Weapons: None
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