Hello guys I am from India and I am currently working on a man sized humanoid robot I need some assistance and help to complete this project I know the programming languages but some of the protocols are not working, the boards which I am using are Raspberry pi 3b, NodeMCU and Arduino so guys those who know about lidars and mapping too kindly contact me

Whatsapp no : 8248040026
Instagram ID : scientific_praveen
Gmail : scientificpraveen@gmail.com

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My Coloring.

Hey There I'm Roshan Kumar and this year I am participating In GSF 2018. Initially, I was interested in participating solo but now thinking about forming a TEAM so if someone who had an experience of science fairs and also interested in environmental science and really curious about doing real science then please let me know in the comment section below and HAPPY SCIENCE to you .....

Hey google i am a teenage school student and i am much interested in physics and space. On this age i am able to discover a thing not sure that it is correct or not the thing is that light also have layers. I have this by my expirement if a sunlight ray strikes on a floor and if we reflect the sunlight by a peice of glass or a watch on the sunlight which is striking on the floor thrn we can see the reflected sunlight is visible on the another sunlight which is striking the floor. So by this observation we can say that light also have layers.

Today i was reading an physics article and i find out the lami's theorem. Acoording to this theorem if three constant force is acting on a body are in equibrilium,then
À=angle beteweenF2 and F3
B=angle between F3 and F1
Ý=angle between F1 and F2
In this topic I am doing ressearch if i get much new things in this topic then i will share it.

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Hai. This is MASTER DINESH from India, very much interested in physics and astronomy. Being a medical student also loves medicine.
I would like to meet someone interested in space and physics or else in medicine in order to share ideas and research further.

Who will enroll Google science fair 2018 !?
And What's the name of your project !?
My project is "Treatment leukemia using enzymes And genetic engineering " .❤️
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