Sorry guys, I have to leave.

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He's back! He has 3 subscribers at the moment, and no videos. He is still back on youtube.

Hi guys, I saw another account called Davemadson. That account has a video called Nokia Logo Bloopers 1. See that video for how bad it is. I'm sorry if its off topic but I'm new here. And to Grammarly: Its not Davidson, Its Davemadson!
Edit: Link to the video:

Uh, guys...?

The videos here are now unavailable.

Anyone here? BJ appears to have created multiple accounts, and he's butt stalking me.

Apparently, I tried to get him to realize his videos were ripoffs, and he accuses me of having ripoffs myself, that narcissistic bitch.

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This is one of his non canon videos.

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That deluded idiot thinks he's here to stay, but I think I need your help.

We have to bring this community back. I just discovered he just returned.
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