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What are you looking for in an agent? Do you want an agent that has lived and breathed the Charleston area and economy for a lifetime? Do you want an agent that is vested in the education offered in Mt. Pleasant? Do you want an agent that will help you with your expectation of housing in each area of Charleston, to help you decide what area is best for your needs based on what each offers? I love all areas of Charleston for different reasons. Mt. Pleasant, James Island and Summerville for their superior zoned schools. Kiawah & Seabrook and Edisto for their beach town atmospheres and small beach town feel. West Ashley and North Charleston for their innovative pocket communities that offer so much so close to downtown. Johns Island for its amazing value and beautiful waterways and old trees. The lowcountry is an amazing place to live with so many options. I'm an agent that will spend time with you and help you decide where you want to live and where the best housing in that area is that fits your budget, needs, wants and also fits good criteria for long term investment.
Real estate can be a home and investment plan rolled into one. At the moment, the Charleston economy is booming with an amazing job market and great schools as well as the ever changing, yet ever present views of waterways, marsh, lakes, ponds, greenways and grand oaks. The beauty of Charleston will always hold investment value even during fluctuations in the global economy and national market. It is a market in flux with the rest of the nation, but the pull of Charleston on the soul keeps the value of homes higher than the lows of a shifting national economic market.
Call on me when you are looking for an agent that is educated on the area and can help you decide on where to go and when to make your move. I'll be with you from the shopping stage all the way through negotiations, contract ratification, inspections, repair addendums, CL100s and closings. As my client, I represent you and will do my best to get the best for you.

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