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Hey everyone I'm not sure if you guys are growers or not but I did a review on smart pot. I hope it ok to post my video on here. I grow peppers but the tip and tracks on my channel can be used for any kind of plants.

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everybody I just made a new YouTube video on how I make my chili powder. I had a few people ask me how I make my chili powder so I decided to make a video. The way I do mine it's quick easy and cheap with no dehydrators needed.

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Hey everyone
My buddy start his own pepper seed company. He sell all his seeds for .99 cents. He has Carolina Reaper seeds, Chocolate Bhutlah seeds,& Cherry Bomb seeds just to name a few kinds pepper seeds. He added seeds daily also he has a special. If you order $25 or more shipping is free (us shipping)

Hi. Your main site is asking just saying Register for Tracker. I can't seem to access. How can I get involved?


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we are building a propane powered hydronic system to warm the fish tanks during winter. we hope to have all the parts installed this week.
#hydronicheating   #aquaponics   #aquaculture  +Hickory Jack's Aquaponics llc 
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I was setting up a pump controller for my aquaphonics system I am messing around with at home. the pump controller arduino code errors out at verify on this line

object is not declared in GAE etc. I commended out this line and it compiles. I am going through the code to see what is a miss?

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The first version of the Aquaponics Controller has shipped and we can't wait.

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Converting the Arduino stack for the Environment and Depth DAQs to use the Arduino Ethernet board is a breeze.

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A simple Arduino sketch that parses a JSON response from a GET request.

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Here's a pic of the depth sensor circuit before we started implementing it in project configurations.
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