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I'd like to share with you a new educational tool
(that I created) to help collaborate on mathematical problems.
It's a real time LaTeX editor and much much more
e.g. it's a graph of equations.

You can create equation derivations, hit Save button
and share it with anyone just by sending a link
like this one:

Someone can open the link and add their solution
hit Save and share it back with you.

Questions and comments and very welcome as they help to make the tool better!

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-Sheet 1
#14 Should I just construct truth table? And is there something should I conclude from the truth table?
#16 Should I just state if the statement is valid or invalid? Should I also construct truth table?

-Sheet 2
#2, #4 Should I also construct a truth table? And how can I determine from the truth table if this statement is valid or not.
#6 What am I supposed to do?

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