I just got this on deviant art Please help vanitas

Guys! listen this isn't the DatDerpyMuffin this is his friend. Please do not go to FinalPrank or SassPD or anyone that are friends with them! DDM has ran away from home and we're looking for him as I called the police to help us find him. The reason why he is left because he scared of getting arrested because FinalPrank and SassPD have taken it too fucking far and have spread everything about Mythic and DDM's love. They are calling him a pedophile because I dunno they were drop kicked by their parents (no offence if you had that experience) but I'm not kidding but he has been missing for awhile and it's almost 11 at night over here in the UK. FinalPrank and SassPD have driven him to the point of suicide and I swear to fucking god if we find him dead on the floor I will be the next god damn hitler and attack Spain and Sweden just to kill them. Anyone that lives there will not be shot just them two because I'm sick of it now! This is why he's always down and depressed because he can't live life like this at all and with them on here is not working out!!

If you're gonna attack them both please do not go and contact these people, they are evil and must be shot! Now I may seem violent but oh my word I'm so pissed off seeing my friend that has to put up with this shit on the age of 18...no wonder he wasn't that happy on his birthday!

Sorry if there's spelling mistakes or missing commas etc etc, we're trying to find him right now and we haven't found a trace just yet. But again they are so dead if I find my friend dead on the floor because he does not deserve this treatment. Sorry if this may seem scary don't worry I don't really kill or anything it's how I talk when I'm really pissed off like these 2 shit heads. Also Shadow24601 was up to this too so he can burn in hell aswell. Please do not send this to any of them please.

Hi guys

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can u help vanitas this is  his situation right now
Guys I hate this life! I can't handle this....my girlfriend is avoiding from some asshole that doesn't know shit!

What about my game? Fuck it...someone else can take it's place because I'm not doing it anymore...I can't think anymore nor can I even breath!...

Don't go say there's fish in the sea because there isn't :'( I'm crying my eyes out in a skype call right now and I can't handle myself anymore.

+Mastermax888 I'm sorry for posting this in this group but I have to tell to the people that aren't unaware. 

+YukariShy Thanks for doing the best you can but I can't do this any more...You were someone I can trust.

Sorry for posting this but I don't want to do this anymore...many of my family members have passed away....so what use for me to be alive.

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hey guys we need to help vanitas he got kicked out of the great legion i don't know what happend but we need to do something to get him back in
refer to the picture below also he is  still on the member list of the great legion but he thinks he got kicked

I swear no one follows this community at this point so why is it still here?

Help derpymuffin to stay happy, I personally like the stuff they've done

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+BensPortal  thinks there is no point in this community, I'm not angered, I want to know your oppinions, I liked BensPortal being open about his opinion XD I love it.

The choice is in your hands my friends, choose wisely.
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Yep , Keep it.
Nope, Delete it

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Here is Morgsn Freeman telling a story, for Mastermax888, and TheDerpyMuffin!)
+Mastermax888  (Read this random story I made for ya)            Morgan Freeman: Morgan Freeman is gonna tell you the story of how Hitler met Dr.Ivo Robotnik, Hitler was helping the Jew's rebuild their land from the Hasbro attack, and the other bronies helped to, and the mlg lover's helped while smoking some weed, And all the Nazi's were doing Black magic so they could gain super powers, even though wise old Hitler told them not to do black magic, those idiots did it, and out rose Dr.Robotnik, he killed those soldier's with the power of pingas, and found Hitler, and said,"DON'T TOUCH MY PINGAS!"

And then Hitler said,"PINGAAAAAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " *And Robotnik and Hitler destroyed Hasbro and the Bronies became in charge of Hasbro, and the owners of Hasbro were Hitler, Robotnik, Mastermax888, PonyVille Ranger, PewDiePie,Morgan Freeman,Thomas The Weed Engine, Hobo Joe, mlg Foxy, The Beatles, and the makers of Equestria Daily.
And That is the story, of how Hitler met Dr.Ivo Robotnik.

Morgan Freeman dissapears epicly.

Hey, everypony try not to upset the derpymuffin anymore, we don't need another youtuber to go into depression, like mastermax888, not again anyway

Guys what's the point of this community if TDM isn't really.... Upset right now?

I mean s*** this community was made right after he said he was just tired of hearing on how Project: Help Max was started.... So I don't really see a point right now :l
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