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Let's try Ally second smoothie recipe! I did and it was really good. I'm gonna make it again tomorrow. Thanks Ally!!

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Day001 Tennis 2 hours, DIEING!!!

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Ally is so nice, she shares one of her smoothies recipe here. She is very passionate about eating healthy and being strong. She is currently playing for her college soccer team. Super Sweet! Thanks Ally!!


1 heaping cup of frozen mangoes
1/4 of an avacado
1 cup of spinach
1 cup of coconut water
1 very ripe banana
1 tbsp of chia seeds

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Bella accepted my invite! YESSS!!

Bella is inviting Laura and Holly!

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2 hours after 001dinner ...this happened...oops! How's your dinner?

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Day001 dinner

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Day002 dinner

It's pretty fillings. Headache. Want sugar. But feel lighter and Good. Watch PiPat &!Kevin eating Pho. Yum. Yum.


Lani & Kirsten are here too !!Woot! Woot!!

And my Thai friends are here too! Their names are Pat & Nok ( same as my name in Thai) yahooo!!
Lani - they're great cook!

Yeehaaa!! I had to drink black coffee this morning and it was YUCK!!!

I'm making fruit shake for my breakfast, bunch of leftover fruits and just blend them up...errrrr! Rather have pancakes 🥞

What are you guys drinking in the morning?

Bella will install her G+ and she'll be here. She started today too
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