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PROFILE INFORMATION Name: princess diaspro of elyakon age: 16 power: stone gems current transformation: winx my emery: princess bloom and the winx LIKE/DISLIKE my favorite color: red and gold my favorite place: elyakon my favorite thing to do: getting revenge on bloom for taking sky away from me my favorite food: pizza and pasta least favorite color: pink least favorite place: alfea college for fairies least favorite thing to do: dealing with fairies from alfea bio: princess diaspro of elyakon, fairy of stone gems, i hate bloom and the winx, i'm a princess, bloom took sky away from me and sky loves bloom instead of me, i'm a fairy, i once fight against bloom in the battle in red fountain, i like using magic against other fairies, i live in elyakon with my parents role play parents: king erendor and queen samara of elyakon
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characters for cloud tower for witches icy: stormy: Darcy: Lucy: miss griffin: diaspro: closed(diaspro fairy of stone gems) chimea: icy's daughter: stormy's daughter: Darcy's daughter: selina: decay: lazuil:
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