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Now the Marlin3Dprinter video that cover the BLTouch is published. +Tony Gomes has done the narration.. Great work!!!

I start to like the BLTouch.. Its small, accurate and light,

I have used my BigBox printer to do the video. The BigBox uses a RUMBA board with PT100 apmlifier where BLTouch normaly is installed. The video covers how to move the BLTouch "servo" connection to another pin configuration.

My "Marlin Firmware Configurator" gets the options light gray and does not release to change the options. Why does this happen and how do I solve it?

When I upgrade to version 0.26, the license has committed to display decryption error. How do I solve this?
Another situation: when I try to do the BedLevel and Surface Scan, the car stops in the first corner and does not leave the place anymore. What is going on?

Hi I downloaded yesterday new marlin configurator tool but whats happend with STL viewer ?

After upgrade i do not see stl viewer any more in my system how can i get this back it was very useful tool .

Hi There Gentlemen,
I've recently purchased a Creality CR10 S4 and immediately began doing mods to it, One of them was installing the BLTouch. I've run into a small problem, I ordered my CR10 with a Touchscreen, this I realised was a huge mistake when It came to controlling the CR10 from the touchscreen, I almost always have to do offsets, axis jogging, file transferring etc. from my PC because 90% of the features which are on the conventional Creality LCD/Encoder setup aren't on the Touchscreen. This bring me to why I'm here, I need to update offsets for my BLTouch so I began searching for a solution, I discovered Marlin 3D Printer Tool and saw the opportunity to get away from editing my firmware everytime I want to change my offsets etc. The problem I have however is, I have installed the software on my Windows 10 PC, I connect to the Creality Arduino Mega 2560 at 115200 and I can control the printer from Marlin3D Printer Tool, i.e. test the BLTouch, Inch the probe up or down in the Probe Offset Tab, I can move the table in the Configure Bed Tab but I don't see any values at all in the Parameters Tab, all the fields are empty. I have tried various baud rates etc, running it as Administrator, running it in Compatibility Mode but nothing, I can control my printer but can't change any values at all because there's nothing in the "Steps per unit", Max Feedrate, Max Acceleration etc fields.
I am running Marlin 1.85 and am hoping there is an easy solution to this problem that I've overlooked.
Thanks Gents

Johnny Linden,
Can you please post what change in version 25?

Tyring to figure out how to use Malin tool for setting up my BL Touch with Ramps1.4 printer. It does not work. Is this expected to work or a more recent version should do it ? I am running latest available in download section.

Hi Johnny,
When new version coming out?

Hi Johnny, I want to report my experience with your printer tool and BLTouch and Marlin 1.1.x, good work btw. I have a Prusa I3 printer and are using Simplify 3D V4 as printer software.

What I found is working perfectly is bed configuring and Z-probe configuring.

What kind of working is Z-probe offset. But using your tool to set offset in Marlin did not work with Simplify 3D. The nozzle get totally wrong height to the bed. I had to set Z offset to 0 in Marlin and use your tool Z offset measurement in Simplify 3D, it has a section under the G-Code tab with the label Global G-Code Offset and put it in the Z Axis and then the printer worked ok with correct hight to the bed.
Best Regards Ronny

Configuring Bed,
Configure Bed asking me to turn the Bed nut the oppose direction to my printer.
My lead screw turn Clockwise moving my Extruder up, and Anti Clockwise down.
If I follow the instruction to turn my bed levelling nuts it get worse, if I turn the oppose direction its requesting it get more levelled.
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