Hello everyone, it's been a long time.

I have been told that Don Callejon Middle School is soon going to be a lottery school, like Millikin. However, DC Elementary School is going to remain on the Street Directory.

These are no more than rumors. Has anyone been told similar rumors?
+Janis Roth-Soto Have you heard of anything that relates to this?

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your summers.

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Hanging with my godson and his mother at the Main Street Shopping Center in Huntington Beach. Hoping that everyone is enjoying Spring Break! 

Hows Callejon?

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Great idea!  Thank you for inviting me to join.

Hi peeps. Long time no see xD

December 19 is the last day of school for 2014, the Staff Vs. Students basketball game, and the Winter Concert.

Having not been on here in a while, nothing has changed.

Back to school people. :) Hope you're all ready.

Well, shoot. I just about forgot about this community.

The next DCTV episode is being targeted to air on Wednesday, June 4, but will definitely be shown by Friday, June 6.


All graduates and people who are to move to a different school, please stay in this community. It would be nice to have a community of alumni and current students.

Thanks for a great year
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