De werktitels van de gehonoreerde projecten, die nu verder worden ontwikkeld, zijn: De Opening, Virtual Fryslân, Sense of Place, Legacy for Water, Spring Fever, Energy Now, The Sea The Sea, Farm of the World, Feel the Night, Eleven Fountains, Sailing on the Grass, Noordelijk Film Festival & The New Generation, Under the Tower, Potatoes go Wild, Giant Steps, Lân fan Taal, Lost in the Greenhouse (NL & PL), Strangers on Stage, Contemporary Dance, You're Welcome, Migrating Ceramics, European Youth Music Festival, Never-ending Orchestra, Sports for Europe, Yiddish Waves, Lab LWD, De Reis, Living Landscape, Club of Leeuwarden, Do it Together, Behind the Front Door, Welcome to The Village, Royal Friesian, Alma Tadema, Escher, Mata Hari expo, Mata Hari opera, Explore the North, Oranjewoud Festival, Adje Lambertz, Der Schimmelreiter, Opera Spanga, Valetta-programma, Ambassades, Re-opening. 

Bijna allemaal in het Engels, geen Liwwadders geen Fries of Nederlands , de Culturele Hoofdstad in 2018 is in Leeuwarden beste vrienden 
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