On occasion I've created a single Note that acted as a Contents Page or Index Page consisting of links of other notes within a cluster. i.e. Isurance Documents for example.

Previously when I made these note links on my mac using Right Click > 'Copy Note Link' I had a proper link created by displaying the Title of the note being copied and NOT some long winded Evernote link consisting of numbers.

Is everyone else experiencing this or have I got a problem?

Here's a small problem that's recently popped up for me, using Evernote Win PC Desktop. I've noticed that often when I'm typing into the body of a note, the cursor will repeatedly jump to the subject line of its own accord. Seems to happen after every 5 or 10 seconds.

Anyone else seen this? Or should I lodge a support ticket?

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Do you use shortcuts? I don't 
Learn how to work more efficiently with keyboard shortcuts on Evernote for Mac and Windows. #EvernoteTips

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So riddle me this Evernote folks.  

Tell me what I'm doing wrong.  Scenario: I know I have a note in Evernote titled 'Bikes for Kids'. So why then when I run a search for Boys Bikes (with no quotes) I DO NOT SEE IT AT ALL
Surely the word Bike is enough, even though it is preceded by the word Boys???

Is it me or is something wrong here. 

Thanks guys, I know you'll clarify for me.

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Free Downloads of SafeRoom App

Recently I did an in-depth interview with +Saferoom App co-founder +Ilia Zelenkin.

If you are not familiar, +Saferoom App is a zero-knowledge encryption application for Evernote across all platforms.

The killer feature they offer is the ability to encrypt the entire Evernote Notebook versus Evernote's limited ability to encrypt a singular note.

From the interview Ilia allowed me to offer free promo codes to his software.

Check out the post to learn more: http://jmf.im/1YoErtB

#evernote #encryption

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Note links transformed my understanding of what is possible with Evernote. I walk you through my perspective on note links, how-to create them, use cases, and power-user tips in this post.

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Here is my take on one of the Evernote features I find is most underutilized (many don't even know about it!). Hope it helps you to become better with Evernote.

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