GU&GN recommends to place this backroad adventure on your BUCKET LIST! The Crystal Mill was built in 1893 ! The Mill was next to the creek to utilize the power of the water to create a compression system for harvesting the area Marble! The Marble was used in the Lincoln Memorial and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier!
This Mill is on the West side of the Maroon Bells Wilderness in the Gunnison National Forest! Where is this you ask? The closest popular city is ASPEN, COLORADO for reference from there you go west to the town of Carbondale and travel west on Colorado State Highway 133 to Redstone continue past to the sign that points south to the town of Marble, from Marble you travel approximately 6 miles of rough rocky off road trail!
WARNING - you need a FOUR WHEEL DRIVE with 4 low capability and it should have more than nine inches of ground clearance, I recommend a 3" inch lift to assure you don't drag on the bottom! Jeep wrangler, FJ Cruiser, or 4Runner mid size vehicles!
Please note :no FULL SIZE Trucks OR SUVS as the road is very narrow!

Best time to go is late July, August, and early September due to road conditions, such as, snow drifts still on road during early Spring to mid Summer. Call the Forest Service to make sure the road is open (Website:
Or call on your cell phone :
Bill Kight, Public Affairs Officer, 970-945-3237
Don't be alarmed when they answer: White River National Forest you're in the right place! They will have the information you need! Another fine group working constantly to keep us informed as to the latest conditions!

Last year, 2015, a rock slide took out a portion of the road, and was discovered in Spring and was repaired by the Forest Service in record time, Kudos to the Forest Service!!

If you are NOT an experienced off road driver, Jeep tours can be arranged in Marble to the Crystal Mill for a fee.

Just past the trees, on the left-hand side, of the Crystal Mill, the ghost town of Crystal existed, many of the older homes consumed by the forest. As the decades passed, the trees are prolific in their growth and cover a part of history!

During Summer one lady, her daughter and son-in-law run a souvenir shop containing books and other items related to the history of the area. Here is where you turn around as the road going further South turns rugged rocky and dangerous to manuever! 

In closing, my recommendations for life in the summer; to be in the mountains enjoying every aspect I still can pursue! Enjoy ! An Endorsement for the pursuit of happiness! So, "GET UP AND GO NOW"
This is an update, I apologize to anyone attempting to contact me!
I hope to go back this year ( 2017) and determine how much erosion has taken place on the "Devil's Ledge" adjacent to the "Devil's Punchbowl" .
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