Hello all,
I created this group because at the time there was no GEG Wales group.

One has now been set up so I am suggesting that we all up sticks and move over?


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Hello! I think I might have seen some of you at Coleg Cambria yesterday, what a gig!! Here's a link to the headings and a useful hand out to the Google Sites E-Portfolio for anyone interested. :-) Best wishes to everyone, the whole team said how great it was to end the tour on such a high note. Keep in touch!

Anyone here using Google+ with staff at all? I'd like to set up a virtual staffroom.

SSO with GSuite
I've discovered that SSO can be implemented with Spelling City, Mathletics and Education City. Does anyone know of any others?

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Any primary schools that need more reason to explore GSuite should look at this kind of development from Google

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Convert old tech to Chrome......

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Essential viewing:

Many thanks for attending the Google Security webinar. Please feel free to share the recording with your colleagues. I would recommend the following sections of the webinar:

37.57 -> 40.12: Why is a GSuite for Education account different to a account?
45.18 -> 52.09: Compliance with European Law and International Certifications
55.38 -> 56.11: Session recap

The link for the Security webinar:

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Is anyone using Clever? It came up on Education on Air on the weekend as a way of making it easier for pupils to login to various websites. Could we use it to make it easier to login to HWB, J2E and G Suite for Education? It offers QR codes for young children.

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