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Finally got a proxy to turn out well (from the icon I believe the proxy render is by Brandon Long).

Hi everyone!

So I got a photoshop key, granted it's an older cs6 key, and I'm trying to take the plunge into actually rendering my own cards. Can anyone recommend a good instructional? Preferably, but not necessarily in YouTube format since I'm pretty much a novice using anything beyond MSE. I've been messing around with Kentu's all in one Modern and M15, but for some reason I can't figure out how certain things like Mana cost to work.

Thanks for the help!

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while i love what Josh has done, i feel like the logo for the community needs a bit of a facelift. i can always bring it back, but i figure that a little update wouldn't hurt.

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Find some interesting Amonkhet Invocations card art and outlook here. Check them out if you are interested:

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for those looking for "high resolution" artwork from WotC then please take a look at their wallpapers page.

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Some designs I made for a contest on the mtg amino app... there are some custom mechanics included.. ask if you want to know how they work.
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Is there anyone out there who can give me a hint on how to manage a "frame" like shown in the picture below?
I'd like the cube in the middle and the lines above / below as three extra layers. Unfortunately I'm not skilled enough to manage it correctly so the distance is always the same...

Does anyone know where to locate high resolution, full art guru land proxies?

small update

i do wish to apologize about my absence, i'm been and still am very busy getting my life back in order. [read: bought a house, moved, cleaned and gave back rental, fixing my "new" home]
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