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Meet Your Assistant

For greater integration, at the Enterprise Ultimate plan, we assign you a dedicated Account Manager who will contact you to assess your strategic delegation needs. Your account manager functions as your project manager and team captain, acting as your main point of contact who will learn your preferences and process to ensure consistency, quality and smooth progress by taking the first-line responsibility for superior service quality.

Strengthen The Connection

Once your account is up and running, let's visit your preferences, productivity needs and your goals for the Enterprise Ultimate package. We'll set up your inbox, communication preferences and set up any recurrent tasks. You can also utilize your account manager to help you organize your hourly, daily and weekly tasks.The more we know, the better we can perform in providing you total productivity.

Pro-Active Productivity

We want to proactively check for opportunities to add value to your tasks and strategic delegation process. We will check in with you on a regular basis to document any important future milestones. Internally, we will be monitoring the performance reports and feedback looking for trends and opportunities to identify new tasks, if any, that you can strategically delegate to your account manager. Your account manager is dedicated to ensure that your account is always productive.

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Appointment Prospecting

We will get your business more sales. Just give us your script and where you want the appointments, to your CRM or calendar and we will get you as many appointments you’d like. Market research services are available to help boost your prospecting needs.
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