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ATTENTION EVERYONE. SOMEONE NAMED TheReal Tyrone is telling people to die, and is laughing at dogs being abused. Please report him and send him to the cyber police or something!

I have became more active, When i look through these i see a few Non-Related animal posts, Should I be concerned?

if u are against animal abuse plz show your support and say or comment #stopanimalabuse

Oh my carrots! I found a community I made with my old & no longer accessible ;_; account!


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Your dog loves you unconditionally, and, hopefully, you feel the same way.

However, there is more you need to do to ensure your dog is able to live the happiest, healthiest life possible.

Dogs who aren’t properly stimulated and cared-for become bored, depressed, and develop behavior and health problems

- but there are some easy ways to guarantee your pup is as happy as he or she makes you.


Dogs may be mankind’s best friend, but they need canine friends, too.

Take your dog to the dog park or host, visit or walk with friends' or other dogs.

Canine socialization is especially important for puppies, so they can learn manners and how to be comfortable with other dogs as they grow older.


Obesity is a common problem for dogs;
it can shorten their lifespan, cause painful conditions such as arthritis and other serious health conditions.

Feed your dog a healthy, balanced diet of quality dog food, specific to their age, breed and size, following the manufacturer's feeding directions, and with a constant supply of clean, fresh water.

Go very easy and very light on human food and dog treats given to them.

Not all foods we eat are safe for dogs - some are even poison and toxic to them - so make sure what you want to give them is safe.

You won’t regret it.


Most dogs love novel sights and smells, so hikes - or even just varying your walking route - can provide plenty of new stimuli.


Most dog owners have to leave their pets alone at times or even daily, which can lead to boredom and loneliness.

Use puzzle toys or hire a dog walker to break up the monotony.


This is something your dog may not complain about, but trimmed nails, clean teeth, and regular coat brushing can help prevent pain, discomfort and other problems.


Your dog may not be happy while actually visiting the vet, but regular checkups and preventative care can help ensure his or her long-term happiness.


Although, hopefully, your dog always stays close, a microchip and identifying tags are the most effective tools to make sure he gets home safely if she or he does wander off.


The right kind of training should be fun for both dog and person.

Basic obedience commands, including “stay,” “sit,” and “come” may even save your dog’s life.

Trick training is good for bonding.


Almost all dogs need a bit of structured play.

Tug and fetch are two popular games that can help keep your dog satisfied.

10. WALK

Regular exercise is one of the most important ways to keep your dog happy.

Most adult dogs need AT LEAST 2 30-MINUTE WALKS A DAY, preferably, at about the same time each day and about 12 hours apart.

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When you took my family away from me
Hatred is all I could see
So I put my finger tin the sky
Not tue one to say hi
But the one to say goodbye
Night closes in
And the weight of many sins
Darkens my heart
I feel so far apart
Broken and lost
I failed to count the cost
But only if I could have seen all the good you have done for me
My heart was locked buy you are the key
Signed to the world is where I wanted to be
But today is the day i get baptized
My faith will be advertised

I'm like the joker why so serious
My lyrics speak stories they're making you delirious
I got family that ain't even blood to me
But they are down for me and that's loyalty
When I was a kid I was beat and abused
While my my mom was being easily amused
But mom you was popping them pills
They was making you Ill
You popped one last one then your fate was sealed
You died cause of an over dose
My life was at a stand still
A comatose
But now Im with a great family
Not blood but it's where I am meant to be
Shout out to my sister
and her mister
They are great people
They led me to the steeple
Where I found my true dad
And my heart was sad
Cause I should have started seeking him before
But now I seek him more and more
#Fuel4poetry #Younglivesmatter


Mom your abuse left me afflicted
But to you lord I am addicted
Turned to drugs as an act of desperation
But now I know the altar is my final destination
Praying on both knees
Saying I don't know why God but thanks for choosing me
Showing me the way the truth and the light
Never gonna let me fail the goals I have in sight

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