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Anyone want to do a kinky hentai rp? You gotta be pretty open to a lot of things for this.

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Any girls who will rp anything on? I'm looking to rp!

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You are a transporting a small warded box to the university a few towns for a frend they told you not to open it because it could be dangerous so you took back trails instead of the main rutes as it was nearing dusk you come apon a man tall with powerful gold eyes a forest green cloak blocking your path.

Hello beautiful

there was a flash of light and then you black out. When you wake up your in a ditch your bag is gone all your pocket are turned out your dagger is gone but its sheath is still on your belt. The only thing you have now is the the disheveled clothes on your back. You don't remember your name or where your from the only thing you remember is that the box is dangerous and you need to get it back

think of this as an adventure game. This takes place in the world of Vlad taltos a plus if you know the books but not required.

No matter how subtle the wizard, a knife between the shoulder blades will seriously cramp his style ~ Vlad taltos

female (18+ preferred but not required)
2+ lines
If you want to play ill need your character's name and your time zone

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[I need to do some Code Geass: Akito the Exiled rp. Can someone rp as Julius Kingsley AND Suzaku please? Please have replies at least a paragraph or more with good grammar and spelling. Here is the starter.]

Akito the Exiled: The Siren's Song
{St.Petersburg, Euro Britannia}

Sirens in folklore would use their voices of song to attract men and cause them to wreck their ships to drown in the sea. Inspired by the songstress' power to control those who hear them, a new Geass was formed: The Siren's Song. The Siren Geass is a special power not everyone can control. It can only be given to a female with a strong heart. A mysterious woman saves a young girl's life by giving her the special power to kill the man who murdered her parents.

Meanwhile, Lelouch's memories were wiped, and he became a different man who would serve the empire. Suzaku was told to protect the new tactician of Britannia: Julius Kingsley. Suzaku thought that this was going to be agony to watch his brainwashed once-called friend live, but Emperor's orders are orders and he must follow them.

One hundred nobles received invitations from a performance group known all over the world. And there is a reward. Whoever gives their female leader enough trust will gain support from the group. The reward is very usefully if one is wanting to gain power.

Julius Kingsley received one of the invitations and decided to go. If he were to give the female enough trust in him, she would support him during the war. He heard rumors that the girl is known for many deaths of men who abuse her trust (most of the men were nobles). Despite the fact, he still took on the challenge.

At the concert, the group performed for the nobles. They were welcoming the men with their voices and dances. The leader of the group was the main attraction. Her voice had the nobles sway, mesmerized by her words. She glanced over to the VIP section and noticed a young male whom she had never met before. Since she is still performing and cannot stop yet, she winked at him and smiled. To an ordinary man, he would think she is trying to attract someone, but she was mainly greeting someone.
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[Fire Emblem Awakening rp. I am in need of someone who will rp as Validar and many others. Yes, you may rp as an OC, but they must match with the story.]

You all mostly know Robin and Chrom, and how they stopped Grima from destroying the world. Robin was the child of an evil man and the vessel for a god. Chrom was the prince and now a ruler of Ylisee. The two joined together and brought peace back. Well, this story here wasn't like that. The story tells of a girl who was like Robin, but her beginning wasn't like how Robin's mother took the child away from Plegia.

It was a cold December night in Plegia. The moon glowed violet, a sure sign that the vessel of Grima would be born very powerful.There was no snow in the desert of the kingdom, but it was freezing. People waited outside for the princess to be born; well, for the vessel to be born. They were promised by the king that his child will be the one they have been waiting for all those years.

In the palace in the hallway was the king pacing. He was known as Validar. He promised his dead father and the citizens of Plegia that his own child will be the vessel of the Fell Dragon Grima. At first, it wasn't easy. Most of the Plegian women didn't have enough strong blood. He married more and more women; they died after giving birth to failed children. He would send them to orphanages or have them be trained as soldiers for his army. This happened for many years and it was agonizing.

Eventually, he found a beautiful gypsy who performed on the street. It turns out she was related to one of the Grimleal members. Validar and the woman, whose name was Jane, started to become great friends. After several months, he proposed to her and she said that she'll marry him.The two got married a month after. Now, the queen was giving birth to the child. Her screams filled the air, sending chills to the guards around.

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Hey! Any girls here who will rp Anything, I'm looking for kinky rp partners!
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you hear music coming through the forest as serch it out you see a log building. you come closer to take a look and see through a window You see a bear behind the bar, there are a few Dogs at a table and a bunny serving them drinks and placing meat on the table, at the bar there is a cow eating a Alfalfa corn salad which makes your stomach Rumble since you haven't eaten in a day and a half. You walk to the doors and see a sign NO HUNTING INSIDE THESE WALLS, fair trade only as you enter you let your eyes adjust then you. . .
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Name: Sapphire Silvora
Age: 35
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Furry type: Dragon
Height: 6,1"
Skill: Writing, Analyzing, Organization, Problem Solving, Public Speaking, and Cooking.
Personality: Sapphire is a creative little introvert finding it far easier to bond with tight clicks than groups of people. Keeping to a strict schedule lets her stay ahead of her peers. Finding subtle meanings between the words of literature.
Bio: Being born into a big city, Sapphire never felt comfortable in the large crowds constantly roaming the streets. In school, she had trouble making friends treasuring the ones she found things in common with. Turning her focus on grades, she did far better in academics than many of her peers. While not taking first, she graduated third of her class leading down a route as a business woman. Yet she kept a childish passion with her writing. Small creative stories filled with exotic ideas from other stories she read in her life, but this fell second to her pursuit to starting a business. Sadly it took her nearly a decade to get a successful bank started loaning out money and reaping profits. This left her to neglect her writing for years with new found responsibility. Years passed, she finally got around to both hiring and training people to run the bank without her direct supervision and made a pretty good living for herself. Now, she goes on business trips to connect and expand her own business trying to establish new banks across the nation.

This bios kinda crappy I know)
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Name: Saron Mustang
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Furry type: Horse
Height: 6"
Skill: Carpentry, Heavy Lifting, Active Listening, and Bartering.
Personality: Saron tends to be a quiet guy choosing to focus on his work instead of indulging in conversation. This does not impede his ability to read a mood choosing to say the shortest but most powerful words. Keeping calm in most situations, people look to him with their problems. Most of the time simply getting it off their chests is enough.
Bio: Growing up in a middle class family in the city, he adjusted to the business and loudness of the area well. His silent nature did not deter many people from making friends with him because his size and strength impressed many. During school, he never was the best with academics staying average with most of his class. Yet he found interest in remodeling buildings the first time his parents moved. Carpentry did not require the heavy academics, but he tended to be good at math and finance giving him a shot. Going to college, he managed to do well by straining himself to get decent grades while holding down a job. Simply, he leaves a lot of nights with half the amount of sleep he needs. Graduating felt like a weight being thrown off his shoulders for the first time in a long time. Finally he started up his carpentry business as a independent contractor.
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I know it says any rp, but does that mean we can use ocs from specific series?
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