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Welcome to Akademi High School! Please read the rules ^-^ (Art by Kikiinyan)


《Rule 1》 No cyberbullying. Just... don't cyberbully. There's some people out there who are kind of sensitive (Like me, since I grew up at a school where I was being bullied literally every day) and you'll never know how that person is feeling. It's okay to cyberbully if it's only because you're roleplaying with that person, though. Please just stay positive, being mean to others is not gonna make you look cooler.

《Rule 2》 Please post in the right categories. < That basically explains this entire rule.

《Rule 3》 Don't argue over insignificant things. Please don't argue over pointless things like someone 'stealing' art. Just politely ask the person to give credit to the artist if they didn't, instead of making it a bigger problem than it already is.

《Rule 4》 Please make a profile and wait for it to be approved of. In order to start roleplaying you must make a roleplay profile for your character. If your profile isn't approved of for over 5 days, please tag a mod or owner in the comments! If you start roleplaying without your profile being approved of, you will get a warning. After you get a warning, if you break a rule again then you will get a strike. If you get 5 strikes you'll be banned from the community.

《Rule 5》 Please post Yandere Sim related things only. This is a yandere simulator community based on the rivals and roleplay, so please don't post anything unrelated to the community. Only moderators and owners can post things that aren't related to YS.

《Rule 6》 (To moderators and owners) Do not abuse your rank! If you are a moderator or an owner and you ban someone for no reason, you will be ranked down to a member. Just don't even think about trying to get away with anything like that. Also, don't rank up any other members without my permission, or else you'll get a strike. Moderators and owners who get 3 strikes will be ranked down to a member. If you give a member a strike and it wasn't necessary, you'll get the strike instead of the member.

【Roleplay Profile Template】












〈You don't need to use the template if you don't want to, you can still use your own profile template〉

〔Moderators/owners can suggest rules, and I'll add them here〕


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Sorry, osana

Thank You for accepting me +Osana Najimi​!

Name: Tawo

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Club: .

Friends: none xd

Enemies: none again

Likes: Cheese

Dislikes: Ayano

Crush: osani

Info: Chan
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