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Welcome to the society of the wild wolf! This is a community made for people who are wolf's within but people who just love wolves can join too!.
πŸŒ™ What is this group? πŸŒ™
This is a group where wolves can come to meet other wolves and talk about what its like bein a wolf in human body! Others who arnt wolves are also allowed but they can't post in the wolf experiences category. We want to hear all wolfs voices!
🐺 Rules 🐺
β€’ Be polite to your fellow wolf's
β€’ Pack ranks don't apply here
β€’ Fill out an introduction form when you join! (there's already one made for you in guidelines!)
β€’ dont start any drama here!ο»Ώ
β€’ dont post stuff thats not about wolves

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🐺 Code Of The Wolf 🐺
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hello everyone, i apologize for being gone fr so long. I had a lot of things happen with my pack, the hunters who were hunting us and my own wolf self: i also learned that i am a wolf, but not an ordinary one. im going to post more updates later but im jsut makign this post to say that im back and to expect updates soon

does anyone know about any kind of wolf or canine thatl like a wolf built like a hyena? one of my packmates might be one but we dont know what it could actually be

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A beautiful picture of wolves in front of the moon, for your enjoyment

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were waiting for others to finish a test so i can make the post now... while i was gone i was practicing to be able to shift and i began to feel myself changing like where i was and the shape of my body. it was realy hard for mw to not snap out of it but once i could tell where i was i realized i was in a desert. i was in wolf form but my fur was more brown and tan than white. so i started walking and i eventually made it to a canyon where the wind sounded like flutes through the passages. i kept walking and exploring and i kept seeing small canines on top of the canyon walls. well i walked for a while and was starting to get tured when i made itto the end of the canyon where there was a tangly old tree over a pool of water. I went to the water to take a drink and when i saw my reflection i didnt look like a wolf, but a coyote. i snapped back to my body from the surprise, but i could still feel my tail, fur, ears, muzzle... i feel extremily powerful still and i can still feel my ears and muzzle.
i feel like this is some kind of sign that im not a wolf, but a coyote. im not going to make any solid decisions yet but what does everyone else think

ive been gone for a while, i had to stop posting for a while because one of the hunters was suspecting that this is my account... they arent suspecting me anymore though so i can be more active now, but i have a bigger discovery that might affect this group that im going to make when i get out of class in a little bit

if this is not a rp what are we supposed to do here?

I havent been very active lately... there's been a lot of stuff going on between my pack and the hunters. I hope everyo e is doing well
but theres a problem with running this group... I can't be on all the time now bc of the situation with the hunters and I have to help my pack grow, but the group is dying because nobodys posting. What do you members think should happen to keep the group alive
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