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1. You must be a hybrid! Basically half human half any animal

2. Mild swearing/cussing is aloud. Just nothing explicit

3. Please don't be too op

4. Please nothing too inappropriate

5. Don't post anything that doesn't haft to do with this community or hybrids

6. Use the templates

7. You can ship people

8. Have fun

9. Your power depends on what your animal half is

10. You haft to post and have your oc accepted before you rp

11: Don't post your oc in the comments

12: If you want me to add hybrids make a request post and put it in the questions and requests category

13: If you want to rp start one

14: You cannot have more than two elements for your powers. But if the two elements conflict with each other like Fire and Water you can't have both basically

15: You haft to make an original character. You cannot use a pre-made character that u didn't make. Or buy the right to use it

16: There's no limit for how many oc's you can have!

16. You have five chances


||General Info||  
Animal half:
Eye Color:
Hair color and style:
||Extra Info||


Neko Hybrid Is agile, quick, silent like a ninja

Wolf Hybrid Is fast, agile, and strong

Fox Hybrid Fast, quiet, and agile

Bunny Hybrid Jumps high, fast, and quiet when in ninja mode

Bat Hybrid Strong, fast, and sneaky

Bull Hybrid Fast and strong, but clumsy

Bird Hybrid Flies, fast in air, and can't turn well

Fish Hybrid Fast in water, slow on land

Snake Hybrid Slythry, sneaky, quiet

Mouse Hybrid Fast, great at hiding, and likes cheese

Dragon Hybrid Can fly, strong, but clumsy and gets motion sickness easily on non living transportation

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||General Info||  
Name:  Kimmy Farel
Nickname(s):  kim
Age: 16
Animal half: neko
Height: 5'3 in human in neko 2'1
Weight: in human; 89lb Neko; 23lb(?)
Eye Color: brownish yellow
Hair color and style: gray and straight/Fur: gray with black splotches
Personality:  queit, lazy, attentive
Likes:  yarn, sleep, fish, cat toys
Dislikes:  dogs, chocolate
Family: died in a car crash
Pet(s): no
||Extra Info||
Power(s): none
Weapon(s): claws

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||General Info||  
Name:  DeathStar
Nickname(s): Death
Age: 14
Animal half: Wolf
Height: 5'4.5
Weight: 130
Eye Color: amber
Hair color and style: brown
Outfits:Jacket and pants
Personality: funny, nice, kind, generous
Likes:  hangingout with friends
Dislikes:  people being mean to my friends
Family:  none
Pet(s): none
||Extra Info||

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|General Info||
Name: Haruhi Takuro
Nickname(s): Haru
Age: 15
Animal half:Rabbit
Height: 4'1"
Weight: 80lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair color and style:Blue (A bob)
Outfits: (B)Scarf ,(B) Jacket, Blue Jeans
Personality: Perky,Happy,Energetic
Likes: Rice,Carrots,Food in general
Dislikes:Darkness,Being alone
Family: None
Pet(s): Rabbit
||Extra Info||
Weapon(s):Baseball bat
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Lucy is listening and singing to 7 years in a tree
(open rp)

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||General Info||  
Name:  " name is Vera."
Nickname(s):  "I don't really have one...but I guess you could call me Ve."
Age: "I'm 16."
Animal half: "I'm part kitsune, or fox. Whatever you'd like to call it."
Height: "I'm 5'2"
Weight: "Isn't that rude to ask girls? Anyways, I'm about 90."
Eye Color: "My eyes are a deep teal."
Hair color and style: "My hair is lavender and is a bit messy."
Outfits:  "Hm? Oh, I wear a hoodie and jeans. I normally wear the dark blue one though."
Personality:  "I'm a bit shy, but I'm a bit more open towards people I'm more familiar with. I'm also very observant."
Likes: "Well, I like drawing, and thinking about very deep things."
Dislikes: "I don't like it when people interrupt my thoughts..."
Family:  "I have a mom and dad, and a older brother."
Pet(s): "We don't own a pet."
||Extra Info||
Power(s): "Um... I can heal some kinds of wounds, and it's a bit painful, but I can read minds."
Weapon(s): "Well, I have a scythe...would that count?"

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||General Info||  
Name:  Tia
Nickname(s):  tt
Age: 15
Animal half: cat ( neko ! )
Height: tall
Weight: skinniyish
Eye Color: blue
Hair color and style: brown , down
Outfits:  usually she wears her sweater
Personality:  nice, calm , caring
Likes:  all animals, the wild
Dislikes:  meanies
Family:  unknown ( open )
Pet(s): nope !
||Extra Info||
Power(s): unknown
Weapon(s): a dagger for protection

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|General Info||  
Name: Lucy Aquatrin
Nickname(s): Luc
Age: 17
Animal half: Shark
Height: 5"11
Weight: 87
Eye Color: blue
Hair color and style: pic
Outfits: t-shirt and Jennings
Personality: Nice, hothead, loyal, secretive, smart
Likes: animals, swimming, her pendant, music
Dislikes: rude ppl, anyone who insults her, ppl who think they are better than her and aren't
Family: she hasn't seen them in a bit becuz her school
Pet(s): none
||Extra Info||
Power(s): can control water
Weapon(s): her teeth, and a sliver dagger pendant that grows into a reg sized dagger on command to a key word that only she knows
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Selena is eating Mango Ice cream at Iguana Ice Cream
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