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Welcome to Camp Half-Blood.

Located in scenic Long Island Sound, New York. This special place is the home of young demigods from across the country.
What's a demigod? Well, a demigod is a person who's half human, half immortal. That immortal would be known is a god. There are hundreds of gods, but Camp Half Blood specializes in the Greek gods.
Here, we train our fellow demigods to survive in the mortal world, where monsters run wild and try to kill us. But don't worry, the camp is surrounded by a magical barrier, so no meanies can get in.
At camp, you will make friends. You make enemies. You may even get to meet your godly parent or go on a dangerous quest. We shall see. Are you sufficiently knowledgeable of our little haven?
Good, come on in. Your kin are waiting...

Camp Director


Full name:
Roman or Greek:
Godly parent:

Body type:
Physical features:
[include picture(s) please]

Personality (Include 3 positive and 3 negative traits):
Weapon (up to 2):
Powers (up to 2):

Fatal flaw:

Background Story:
(What was their life at home and school like? How did they get to camp?)


Hiya Campers!
There are several Cabin Counselor positions open, as well as the oracle.
Zeus - Open
Poseidon - Open
Demeter - Open
Athena - Open
Ares - Open
Athena - Open
Apollo - Open
Artemis - Open
Aphrodite - Open
Hermes - Open
Hephaestus - Open
Hestia - Open
Dionysus - Closed
Oracle- Open

1.No spamming
2.Keep posts appropriate, so no drp in public
3.No racism, homophobia, or anything of the sort
4.Please keep posts in the right category
5.Before you rp with your oc, please make sure your profile is accepted
6.I'm sure we all know this but please don't over power your Ocs
7.Don't control other people's characters in a roleplay
8.You may have up to 3 characters
9.The individual cabin categories are for lists of campers, roleplay between godly siblings taking place in cabins, and updates on your characters only
10.Have fun and don't die

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