Some of you have reported that sometimes #CagoMama  gets stuck on sending the same location again and again. I also heard that sometimes a very old, stale location is sent.

Can you please provide a brief post on how to reproduce these issues? Like what scenarios lead to them? Do they happen when the phone has just powered on, or is Cellular Network / GPS / Wi-Fi not available or available?

We want our location reporting to be accurate each and every time - therefore we need to figure out these issues.

Sorry everyone - it took a while ... Finally, I was able to upload a new version to Google Play which has the enhancements you asked for. We have added Help screens to tell you how to use the app, and a brief description of what it's purpose is. We have also added the option to add a message when sending your location yourself.

This is potentially the version to get released on Google Play. Please upgrade to this version and help test. You should automatically get upgraded to this version by Sunday morning. If you have uninstalled, then please try installing again and testing. Same process as before - using the login credentials that you have for this Google+ Community space.

Anand - sorry, I missed the swapping of OK, and Cancel buttons on the EULA. Will do it soon ...

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Found a bug when user is importing contact number. My son just got a new phone number. I asked him to call me so I can have his number in my contacts. The number shows up as +1 224 713 9278. I saved it in my contacts. When I tried to put this in my CagoMama for one of the numbers to send my location to, it saved it as 122 471 3927. It included the prefix of 1 as part of the area code... The version I'm using is v0.10.1

I might have found a bug also. I have removed the contact that I had added earlier, but now I see that sometimes when I end a call with that contact, I get a tool-tip type of message with this content: "Dont send SMS to:". I have noticed this atleast a couple of times.

#CagoMama  version 0.9.3 is now on Google Play store. We now have a fix for Twitter - you should be able to tweet from within the app. The text that gets tweeted is fixed - it's an advertisement for #CagoMama . Please do tweet if you have a Twitter account.

Second - the speed of importing contacts is greatly improved.

I believe your app should automatically get updated. Or you can go to the Google Play store link that was in the initial invite and update it yourself.

Wanted to run an idea by all of you. It was prompted by Anand's comment that "I dont know anything about the app and so when I opened it up was not too sure what to expect. Maybe some info on the home screen of the app might be useful."

So, when the app comes up first time, and the EULA is accepted by the user, there is a big blank blue space, on top of the #CagoMama logo. There is nothing there to start with - like an empty canvas.

We could potentially write a brief narrative there about what the app's goal is, what it does, and a description of the buttons. 

The logic could be - if there are no contacts in #CagoMama   database, then display this "narrative".

Feedback from Anand on #CagoMama  - Thanks Anand!

(He used the Email feature to send feedback. Sandip used it too. We know something works :)

Hi Guys

My initial feedback after installation:

No problems with the install. Went smoothly.

I dont know anything about the app and so when I opened it up was not too sure what to expect. Maybe some info on the home screen of the app might be useful. And maybe some tooltips next to the icons would also be helpful.

When I clicked on the import, the import took a bit of time. And the formatting didnt look good on my Galaxy S4. The alphabets on the right side didnt show up well also.

Also when I open this import a second time I expected some sort of caching to speed up the import. I dont know if thats possible, but something to think about.

I am assuming this app sends some sort of gps coordinates to the contact you choose, but when I select the contact I am not sure whats going on, as I dont get any on-screen indication.

Also the eula license info screen had the ok button on the left and cancel on the right. I am not sure if this is configurable...on my S4 ok on the left prevents me from a smooth one hand operation :-)

Thats it for now.


One more thought: I havent thought through this in terms of privacy concerns but what I would find more useful as a parent would be an on demand gps location from my kids' phone. Of course this is assuming my kid is ok with sending that location, maybe that could be a prompt to the kid's phone if he or she is ok with sending it, etc. Maybe a panic button would also be good or an inbuilt panic based on some conditions.

Also received feedback from multiple folks - Sandip, Anand, John - that importing of contacts took a long long time ... in #CagoMama

Glad to tell you that the issue has been fixed. 

Will be rolling out the fix, along with the Twitter fix hopefully over the weekend.

A new release of #CagoMama   - 0.7.1 - was pushed out few days back. Some of you had to install from scratch whereas for some it was automatically updated on your phones.

In this release, posting to Twitter had an issue. Sandip and I both encountered it. The fix has been delivered to me from our team in India. I will be integrating it, and pushing an upgrade over the weekend.

A new version is brewing which incorporates some of the feedback from here, as well as social networking features - FB Like, Tweet, and ability to send email from App.

Also if you are trying to either delete or send location to more than 2 users, you are now prompted. Thx, Sandip!

I should be releasing the new version this week. I will try to push so the app automatically gets upgraded. Let us see how that works :)

I will be adding more users to the test effort. If you know of anyone who will be interested, let me know please.
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