Hi, In Ukrainian language there is no word "павза" it's wrong(or outdated), instead of this there is word "пауза" it's correct word. Please replace wrong word. Thanks.

I love Twilight App on my Android smartphone but I also use an iPad 5. It has a “night mode”, but it still seems very bright and blue to me. Do you have any plans to release an iOS compatible App? That would be great!

In the Twilight app, the settings for "relaxing" range from 1000K to 3500K. That's a wide range. What is really the best setting (kelvin) for "relaxing" to use for inducing sleep. Thanks.

Hello, I have an Samsung S8 and my phone has an update today, now the app does not fully dim my screen. The notification panel, side bar and bottom are without dimming. I use this app at night and use it on almost the dimmest setting. The contrast between the dimmed and not dimmed areas of my phone now hurt my eyes, I am unable to use my phone as before. How do I fix this? I love this app.

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I have a Xiaomi Note 5. I recently downloaded and set up Twilight. Yesterday, I deleted it.

After deleting it, my home screen is still stuck with a very red filter. The filter does not persist in any other screens - only on my home pages. The lock screen and in-app screens are all the standard lighting.

I have re-installed it, disabled it, enabled it, disabled it again, and un-installed the app. No success - my home screen is still red. I have rebooted my phone countless times.

Any help? Not sure how to resolve this issue, and Googling hasn't provided many resources. I don't want to use this app anymore because it seems to have some incompatibility issues with Xiaomi, but after uninstalling it, my home screen is stuck red.

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Hello. I recently did a factory reset on my Samsung Tablet (Android 5.1.1). Prior to this I was happy with Twilight Pro. Now it seems the Bed Reading setting doesn't affect the screen any more than the normal time-based change. Maybe I had a custom setting? Can you give me instructions on how to change and save the setting in a way that only affects the Bed Reading option, so if I pull down the Bed Reading option it will go to a more dim setting?

Zdravim. Chtěl bych se zeptat, kde dělám chybu na Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact, Twilight funguje všude kromě horní vysouvací lišty menu telefonu a také se nezatmavují dolní tři tlačítka. Na Samsungu jsem nikdy neměl problém. Děkuji za radu

Twilight only dims Kindle (on Samsung tablet) a fraction of the dimming (redding) it applies to other apps. HELP

Hi, are there any plans to support IKEA smart LEDs?

Are you aware of any issues with interacting with Device Administrator system dialogs when Twilight is active? I see that the Device Administrator dialog buttons cannot be pressed.

Here is the repro:
1) Install Twilight.
2) Install Intune Company Portal.
3) Login to the Intune Company Portal (I can provide a login if needed). This should reproduce with any app that requests Device Admin permissions, such as an email app like Outlook.
4) Proceed to the point of the Device Admin system prompt.
5) Observe the buttons can't be pressed.

This does not repro on all devices, but does on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 with Android 7.0. I can provide a bug report if that would be helpful.
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