+Petr Nalevka what does the fullscreen toggle do in settings?

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Home page shortcuts in BETA (Android 7.1+)

I have bought pro version and having problems using the scheduling. I've set it to start at 7 for work and also start at 10pm for bed time. Have made profiles and set these profiles to the schedule but for some reason twilight dosnt kick in at the scheduled time. What could the problem be?

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When Twilight is on, while using Chrome, the navigation bar isn't dimmed. Outside Chrome it works as expected. Screenshoot attached. Newest stable Chrome on Moto X Style with 6.0.1.

Hi there,

I use Twilight (and F.lux on my computer) when I have migraines, as the blue light also makes migraines worse...

Now I am reading that green light may actually be even better during migraines...

Would you please consider adding in a migraine mode, that makes the screen green, instead of red, for use during migraines..?

Hi all,

Recently i bought Pro version of Twilight and i want to activate this pro option: "option to turn off Twilight service altogether during inactive times", i cant find this in settings, is there anybody who can help me?

Thank you for very good app.

Hi all,

I'm using a Samsung S7, and I noticed twilight doesn't filter everything eg when I adjust my volume, the volume window is unfiltered and when I on assistant menu, the menu button is also unfiltered. Any advice would be appreciated!

Hey +Petr Nalevka,
I'd like to understand the behavior of the app because I'm facing something that looks like a "bug" or misfunction:

Filter times, what it should do:
Always: it will always keep the screen with the filter on. I can't set the start/end time.
Sun: it will follow the sunrise and sunset. I can't set the start/end time. In the pro version, I can set the transition time and the sunset/sunrise offset.
Alarm: it will stop the filter when my alarm goes on. (but how it will start?). I can't set the start/end time.
Custom: I set the start/end time. What I expect:_it will turn on the filter at the time I set, and will turn off the filter at the time I set_. What it does actually: it is somehow following the sunrise and sunset it provides a transition period based on the start/end time , so while I'm expecting a 100% filter, I'll have a 20% filter applied because of the transition time.

I'm not sure if this is clear and correct. I'd like to understand better why the custom is kind of repetition of the sun setting.
Thank you :)

I recently started using Twilight and loving it. I have a moto 360 2nd gen watch. I get a overlay error and I tried to stop / pause twilight on my phone and watch, but still get the error. Is there a way to not get the error it for the moto 360? Thanks!!!

I'm seeing problems with Tasker not being able to start the app again. Tasker can successfully stop Twilight. Both of these apps have updated recently, so just decided to ask here first 😃
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