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Who wants to roleplay

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Name: Meyrin

Nickname(s): Rin , Mey

Age: idk.... 19?

Enemies: anyone against the young lord

Friends: Bardroy , Finny , Sebastian , ciel(?)

Personality: bashful , silly

Appearance: reddish purplish hair , hazel eyes , maid outfit , large goofy glasses

Likes: Sebastian flowers , swimming

Dislikes: cleaning , dishes

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Thanks for the invite

Name: Laura

Nickname: Aura

Age: 17

Enemies: None at the moment

Friends: None but willing to make some

Relationship: Single

Likes: Music, Helping others, The woods, and the shadows

Dislikes: Having to kill people but she would kill any one who gets on her bad side, Lies

Bio: Laura was just at the age of 5 when her parents recruited her to join their assassin business. Yes, she did the work but she never liked it. So she tried to quit but if she did her parents would kill her. Latter on at the age if 15 she meat a boy and they got together but he cheated and lied so she killed him and ran away to start over and put her past behind her.


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Thanks for the invite! Here is my character

Name: Rae Cloverfield

Age: 15

Likes: dark rooms, knives, rain, the woods

Dislikes: people being harmed, people who steal her food, and anyone who triggers her ptsd

Sexuality: Bi

Status: single

Bio: Rae's parents were extremely abusive alcoholic people with mental disorders. The mental disorders definitely wore off on her. One day she snapped and couldn't take it anymore so she ran away when she was 12. She has PTSD and bipolar disorder so she switches between really sweet and mean/psychotic (I put this -> % whenever she switches.)
So yeah!!

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Thanks for the invite~

Name. Cass

Nickname. N/a

Age. 15

Enemies. Depends

Friends. No one rlly

Personality. Usually cold towards people but is nice sometimes

Appearance. Appears nice and friendly

Likes. Waffles and video games and knives

Dislikes. Nosy people

Bio. Is fierce and threatens people a lot. Usually nice towards everyone and trys to get close to them. Does a variety of rp
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~Small love~

Midna a tiny imp also know as a Twili from the hidden world of the Twilight Realm hated the light as she was a Twili. Shadow creatures and could be destroyed by the light. Hidden in darkness, as the Princess of Hyrule know as Zelda had fallen due to Zant and evil king taking over the Twilight Realm and making a deal with Ganondorf who took over the land of Hyrule.

You a young lad around the age of sixteen were a rancher who came from the small village of Ordon. You were getting sword lessons by a close friend who yours named Rusl had brought up that he had to go to the land of Hyrule and offered you to go and maybe you would get the chance to met the princess of Hyrule of course he was joking but you gladly took the offer.

After your day of work you ran to the ranch and helped the owner, you quickly mounted your horse and road around the ranch leading the goats in and then practiced a few jumps. Llia one of your childhood friends had waited outside of the ranch for you along with her father the owner of the village. You dismounted as you spoke with the mayor only to look away at Llia when she pointed out your horse having a small cut from your jumping.

After a while you had retrieved your horse from your friend who took your horse to the spring to help clean the cut. After in which you took the sword and shield that was to be brought to the royal family of Hyrule. Before you had arrived anywhere close to Hyrule you had a small golden glow aller on your right hand resembling a triangle before you had screamed in pain and transformed to a wolf.

Once you had awoke you were chained up in a prison cell with a chain around one of your front legs. You woke up frantic unaware of your surroundings and what had caused you to awoken as a wolf. You had tried to release your leg from the chain before you had looked up and noticed me a imp like form floating in the air

-Try to be descriptive
-Below are the character
-I'll be playing the small Imp know as Midna and any side characters
-This is an action roleplay with fantasy, there can also be romance
-The order of the character are



Me (Midna)


If you're going to use the character I described then he'll be after Midna along with his wolf form
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Name: Midna

Age: Unknown inhuman years

Personality: Midna is a goofy fun loving female in her Imp form, but at times she can be extremely serious as she helps her chosen hero on their journey in giving them hints. Once you first meet her you may think of her as rude and even controlling but you soon grow to learn and love the Imp.

Likes: Not much is liked by the Imp but she happens to pick certain people, she also enjoys hiding in the shadows

Dislikes: The light is a huge weakness of the Imp die to her being from the land of the Twilight Realm

Family: Midna doesn't have any family

Position: In the world of the Twilight Realm Midna was the ruler before a cures was placed upon her and she was forced into the world of light in which she looked for someone to help her

Home: Midna lives as the ruler in the Twilight Realm

Species: Midna is a Twili

Powers: ability to use her hair like a hand to grab enemies, Levitation, The ability to hide in the shadows of light dwellers and appear as a shadow in the Light World,

Princess Zelda the ruler over the light world and of Hyrule

Zant: A Twili with greater power who placed a curse over Midna

Ganondorf: A villain who works along side Zant in order to take over not only the Twilight Realm but the Light World as well

Looks: Below

Sexuality: Midna's Sexuality is unknown die to Twilis having no true gender

History/bio: Midna is one of the Twili, a race descended from wielders of powerful and evil magic who were banished to an alternate dimension by the Golden Goddesses. Either by hereditary means or through elections, Midna was chosen as the next ruler of the Twili, a position coveted by Zant, a servant to the Twili Royal Family. Angered that his people chose Midna over him, Zant struck a deal with Ganondorf, whom he believed to be a god, and was granted with some of his magical powers. This he used to transform his own people into hideous monsters called Shadow Beasts and invade the Palace of Twilight. He cornered Midna on one of the balconies and cursed her, forcing her into a imp-like form as a way of humiliation. Horrified by her appearance, Midna left the throne to Zant and fled the palace, leaving her people to a terrible fate.

Quote: "Do you now understand what I am? I'm a descendant of the tribe that was banished to the Twilight Realm!"

"You don't have to look so sad! We actually find it to be quite livable! I mean, is perpetual twilight really all that bad?"

Nickname: Midna hasn't been given a nickname

Enemies: Zant, Ganondorf, Shadow Beasts

(Below is Midna's Imp form and true form)
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Name : Flame

Nickname Fla

Age 17

Enemies none

Friends none

Personality sarcastic rude

Appearance black hair cobalt blue eyes tall

Likes music the dark

Dislikes people

Bio flame was abused at a young age she has always been shy but now she is just afraid of people. she trusts them and then they hurt her.

Character Profiles

Try to include this











Try to add a picture and be a bit descriptive when you're making your profile

And don't wait to be accepted just roleplay

And anything else that comes to mind
You can roleplay from video games
Heck anything really

Another annoying note from me oh yay

Make as many character Profiles as you want
Or just make one but don't be afraid to roleplay as diffrent people
If a roleplay is describing your character and you think it looks cool freaking go for it

This is a roleplay community
Roleplay in it and have fun
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