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#Sydney isn't a place to visit it's a place to feel
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July 18-19, 2018 Sydney, Australia
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Being away for a few days and staying in a hotel while in pain and unable to sleep presented a new set of challenges.  What to do while I was wide awake and my other half snoozed all night.

I found a way to occupy my time. while it did not help with the fatigue of pain, it certainly helped pass the time in a constructive creative way.

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This is my new website which is all about me dealiing with M.E and Fibromya;gia in a positive way.  After a 18 month of being on various medication with horrific side effects I am now dealing with it through crafting as a form of therapy and the smallest amount of medication I have ever been on.

I hope the site will help others in similar situations.  If you are not any good at crafting, then maybe this will inspire you to either try it or find something else that will help you in a positive way.

I really hope you find this of help.


Hi I'm new diagnosed in 2011 had since at least 2002. I am a stay at home mom. Fibromyalgia adenomyosis vertigo ptsd bipolar. Borderline. Personality. Disorder.ITP I think that about sums it up. Have crappy muscle relaxes. I have 3 children 2 girls ages 3&9 my son is 12. I have a very supportive hubby

Hi Fibro Warriors,
Thank you accepting my request. I am a Mom of 4 beautiful kids and a wife for almost 16 yrs. I am 42 now, however; I remember when I was 22 and asking my Dr why my body would ache so much, especially my muscles. He looked at me and actually shrugged his shoulders said "I don't know" . I never felt silly and blown off a Dr in my life. So I lived in silent pain for the next 18 yrs in pain and feeling shameful thinking this pain was in my head. It's just been the last 3 yrs that I've been getting treatment for Fibromyalgia Rheumatoid arthritis, degenerative disc disease, Psoriatic Arthritis & Erosive osteoarthritis. And just a month's ago I found that I have pinched nerves my lower . The L5 & S1 nerves pinched. Again thank you much this.
Jackie Chunn..

Hi everyone. I am new to the group. Thanks for accepting me. I am 34 yrs. Old. Back in 2009 I was finally diagnosed with with having Narcolepsy. That same year I was in a car accident. That was the trigger point for my roller-coaster ride with Fibromyalgia. It has been a life altering experience. One that I could ever imagine a person could experience. Right down to the forgetfulness. Glad that there's a group like this that understands. Cleveland, Ohio.
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