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Name : chloe
Age : 19
Sexuality : straight
Height : 5'2
Wieight : 92 pounds
Powers : she can see ghosts hear them and talk to them
Bio : chloe never had parents,never had a familly,never had friends she was bullied at school and teased around the neighberhood and abused by her step parents she was always sad she never felt happiness why she asked? Why does she has to feel like this every single day she felt like commiting suicide but she was strong she had to let it go and get over it she had two small rocks as dolls she loved them very much but she also had spirits ghosts watching by her and talking to her she once told her friend she could talk to ghosts but her friend didnt beleive her and told the whole school wich then she was called the school freak she had no friends after that she felt lonlly sad and never safe or secure she wanted to leave so she stole a little purse and put her two rocks and a few clothes and left she waited if investigators came but nobody came nobody cared she always knew nobody ever wanted her years went by and she found a shed with weapons and tools she decided to stay there as long as she wanted to survive the ghosts help her with a few things but she has to do everythung herself one day she found a secret room in that small shed she cracked the code and saw a room a dark room with alot of dust and books she was so curious of what they said so she decided to read it but exactly when she touched it she started getting visions alot of visions about her past what was she were was she who was she it was all in that book its as that book held her story and after she finished reeding it a new page opend saying she red that book she fell to her knees reeding all of it and getting even more curious of what was ginna happen to her she kept that book tight not letting anyone see what was inside each day that books opens a new page telling chloe story but one day the book opend at midnight and said the next morning something terrible was gonna happen and as the book said something terrible did happen creatures came and they were killing humans and at the same time there was a disease spredding that killed humans a few survived but those monsters took them to this unknown place and kept them there as slaves the koniga (thats her country) military was killing them with these special guns she wanted to help but they said she was weak she wanted to prove them wrong and she did after that she had to get her gun but she had to fight an angel to get it as those swords are angel swords she beat the angel and the military granted her the gun but the military kept people they found in this big place and didnt let them come out as there was monsters everywhere and it was very dangerause for humans to be out there one day her mission started she was gonna go out and you couldnt beileve how furious she was as when she red in the book those monsters had something to do with all of this
~sorry i adedd to much discreption i wont be doing any pp and more than one person can roleplay bieng who they like just give me the link to see theyre storie and ill accept the role play ^^ ~
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(open to all) sits up side down in a tree reading a book

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Name: chaos
Age: ???
Gender: male
Speicies: B.O.W.
Weapon(s): war scythes, soul edge (the cursed demon sword), and guns
Backround: that is something better left unknown

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Name: Naruko Uzumaki
Weapons: Daggers
Backround: My mom and dad is dead I always thought it was my falt that they dead now my mom was a Neko and my dad was a Vampire peolpe say i have long lost brother out their but i dont know about that but i'm still looking for my brother i killed my boyfriend he ask me to i told him i need blood and he give it to me everyone thought i killed him just to kill him after that i had no more friends and a love life
Turn ons:when someone kiss my neck and lick my cheek

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Name: Chris

Gender: Male

Race: Dwarf ((not the short kind))

Occupation: Blacksmith, Librarian

Sexuality: Straight

Likes: Kindness, books, forging, weapons

Dislikes: Fighting, cruelty, People ((specifically humans))

Backround: He was a slave most of his life, beaten every day he has amassed quite a large number of scars. His right eye was gouged out when he refused to kill another slave for the enjoyment of his former master. Because of the cruelity he recieved he has grown fearful of People, Most of all women ((who were the cruelest of his masters)) If you befriend him his shy fearful personality will change to that of a puppy's ((best comparison I could think of)). He also has a problem with stuttering around girls...

Turn ons: My neck is very sensitive, Herms kinda turn me on too...

((I'm a little new at this, but if you wanna rp please tell me in the comments below.))

+Usagi Akihko  is walking by and sees me hiding in a bush but i dont see him

//I walk down the road, looking for someone

Sits at the edge of the lake with my sword laying next to me

sits in tree and sees +usagi akihko. waits in tree to see if he can find me
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