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Das Metropolis-Grid ist heute seit 10.000 Stunden ununterbrochen Online! Während dieser Zeit kam es weder zu Datenverlusten, noch zu allgemeinen Ausfallzeiten. Selbst Server-Upgrades und OpenSim-Versionswechsel wurden "on-the-fly" durchgeführt.

Der Grund für das sehr stabile System-Verhalten liegt in der Server-Konfiguration, dem Sicherheitskonzept und den massiv redundant ausgelegten Grid-Services. Besonders mit seinem umfangreichen Sicherheitskonzept (doppelte DB-Spiegelung mit zusätzlichen automatisierten Backup-Services) gehört das METRO-Grid zu den stabilsten und sichersten offenen OpenSim-Grids. Viele Regions-Vermieter schliessen deshalb ihre Mietregionen auch kostenfrei an die METRO an und profitieren von der hohen Stabilität und Performance des METRO-Grids.

Metropolis Metaversum feiert in diesem Jahr sein 10-jähriges Bestehen. Das ist vor allem den Spendern zu verdanken, die mit ihren Spenden die notwendige technische Infrastruktur und damit das kostenlose Grid erst möglich machen.

Wir wünschen allen METRO-Nutzern, Partnern und Freunden ein frohes neues Jahr und immer eine Handvoll Prims im Inventar!

Eure METRO-Admins


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Today, the Metropolis grid has been continuously online for 10,000 hours! During this time, there was no loss of data or general downtime. Even server upgrades and OpenSim version changes were done on-the-fly.

The reason for the very stable system behavior lies in the server configuration, the security concept and the massively redundant grid services. Especially with its comprehensive security concept (double DB mirroring with additional automated backup services), the METRO grid is one of the most stable and secure open OS-grids. Many regional landlords connect their rental regions free of charge to the METRO and benefit from the high stability and performance of the METRO grid.

Metropolis Metaversum celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. This is mainly due to the donors, who make the necessary technical infrastructure and thus the free grid possible with their donations.

We wish all METRO users, partners and friends a Happy New Year and always a handful of prims in inventory!

Your METRO-Admins


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Hello Metro's,
In the last couple of month, I renewed the Var region Savvy which was available only on my own grid.
A new year started and in this case the Var region Savvy in Metropolis also. It's a mirror of the original region Savvy so it will be updated regularly.
All items are mesh so the performance might be difficult for a few of you. Take your time to load all the items and have fun with the old items and the new scenery.
Taarna :)
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December 28, 2017
For Release:

A Dimension Beyond, Inc. formally announces the the removal of our company from the partnership known as Infinite Metaverse Alliance, LLC. Laxton Consulting, LLC will be operating IMA from December 31, 2017 onward. We at A Dimension Beyond wish Ms. Laxton and her company the best of success in the future.

Steve LaVigne
A Dimension Beyond, Inc.

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You may join this Collection, but you must not. You can simply save the link to it, for when you are looking for resources. This collection is public and open to read for everyone.

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vampin in the snow and other /r/thathappened :D

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Merry Christmas to all
Thanks to the Metropolis Team

Have a Happy Holidays

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Condensation Land

Merry Christmas to All Metros
Thanks to Zonja Capalini

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I ran into +Pep Plastichansa in the Metro start region but I couldn't move, sit or even talk! D: So I couldn't tell him how impressed I am with the great job he's doing at the metro start region.

Everyone should go and check it out's awesome! :)


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Building on my region is going very, very slow.
Even slower after finding Schnappi/FreebiesMall :(
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Thanks to +Pep Plastichansa for his wonderful work in decorating Condensation Land for christmas.

Music: Beethoven: Emperor. Adagio un poco moto.
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