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Liebe Metros,

die letzten Wochen hatten einige OpenSim-Grids massive Probleme. Am schlimmsten hat es wohl Dorenas Welt getroffen. Da ist aber mittlerweile fast alles wieder in Ordnung. Gott sei Dank! Oder sollten wir besser sagen: Göttin sei Dank? :)

Aber auch das OSGrid hatte und hat Probleme; und zwar mit den Assets. Dem Anschein nach sind wohl die Platten voll gelaufen. Auf jeden Fall konnten die "alten" Assets abgefragt werden, aber keine neuen hinzugefügt werden.

Das hat wohl mal wieder mal einige OSGridler in Panik versetzt, sodass die Metro mit Kopien ihrer OSGrid-Regionen geflutet wurden. Innerhalb kürzester Zeit wurden fast 400 GB Daten in die Metro gepumpt.

Aber die Metro lief weiter und es hat auch von der Performance her hat keine nennenswerten Einbußen gegeben.

Ihr wisst, dass unsere Datenbasis gespiegelt wird. Es existiert also immer eine identische Kopie unserer zentralen Datenbank. Allerdings hat unser #Replikations-Server keine Reserven mehr. Aus diesem Grunde stellt uns der Repli-Server ein Ultimatum: entweder bekommt er innerhalb eines Zeit-Puffers weiteren Speicherplatz, oder er stellt seine Mitarbeit ein. Das würde bedeuten: die Replikation wäre unbrauchbar!

Das ist für uns ein sehr kritischer Zustand. Denn wenn es uns nicht gelingt, innerhalb dieses Zeit-Puffers eine Synchronisierung herbeizuführen, haben wir ein Sicherheitsproblem. Wir müssen dann sofort alle Grid-Services stoppen und die Server sichern. Dann müssten wir offline einen vollständigen Resync anstoßen. Das würde mindestens 2 Tage Ausfallzeit bedeuten.

Uncle CM ist mal wieder dabei sein Wochenende im Maschinenraum zu verbringen. : ( Einen neuen Server mit 24 TB Speicherkapazität hat er schon beschafft. Der automatische Resync läuft. Jetzt heisst es Daumen drücken, dass Hardware und Dienste innerhalb des Zeit-Puffers den Resync hinbekommen. Ansonsten müssen wir das Grid zum Schutz eurer Daten herunterfahren!

Wenn wir das überstanden haben müssen wir uns leider auch um das leidige Thema der Bezahlung kümmern. Denn momentan wissen wir noch nicht, wie wir das bezahlen wollen. Wenn jetzt Jemand von euch den Drang verspürt, auch etwas für die Datensicherheit zu tun, dann habe ich da zufällig einen Link für euch:


Liebe Grüße, Lena


Dear Metros,

in the last few weeks some OpenSim grids had massive problems. Dorena's world has probably hit the worst. But after a time of hard work almost everything is back at the right place. Thanks God! Or should we say better, thank a female God? :)

But also the OSGrid had and has problems: with the assets. Apparently, the discs had probably no free space. In any case, the "old" assets could be queried, but no new ones could be added.

This has probably panicked some OSGrid-members (again), so that the Metro were flooded with copies of their OSGrid regions. Within a short time almost 400 GB of data were pumped into the Metro.

But the Metro ran on and there were no significant performance losses.

You know that our data base is mirrored. There is always an identical copy of our central database. However, our Replication Server has no more reserves. For this reason, the Repli server provides us with an ultimatum: either he gets more storage space within a time buffer, or he sets his cooperation. This would mean: the replication would be useless!

This is a very critical condition for us. Because if we do not manage to synchronize within this time buffer, we have a security problem. We must immediately stop all grid services and secure the servers. Then we would have to start a complete resync offline. That would mean at least 2 days of downtime.

Uncle CM is once again spending his weekend in the engine room. : (A new server and and 24TB of storage capacity has already been procured, the automatic Resync is running, and now keep your fingers crossed that the hardware and the services are doing the Resync within the time buffer. Otherwise we have to shut down the grid to protect your data!

If we have survived this, we have to worry about the troublesome issue of payment. Because at the moment we do not know how to pay for the new server. If someone of you has the urge to do something for the data security, then I'm happy to have a link for you:


Greetings, Lena

New Metro forums ♥♥

friend gave me this info ...

The 64-bit Windows viewer will hang during benchmarking/ Initializing VFS on Windows 10 systems with older Intel GPU cards / chipsets (e.g Intel HD, Intel HD 2500 & Intel HD 4000) as a result of Microsoft update KB4015217 (FIRE-21109). If you suffer from this problem:
Right click the desktop shortcut for 5.0.7 64bit Firestorm → Properties → Shortcut tab.
In the “Target” text box, go to the end of the text, add a space and then add this text –noprobe.
So for example, if your target text is originally “C:\Program Files\FirestormOS-Releasex64\FirestormOS-Releasex64.exe” –set InstallLanguage en
You would change this to “C:\Program Files\FirestormOS-Releasex64\FirestormOS-Releasex64.exe” –set InstallLanguage en –noprobe
Then Apply & OK to save changes.
Launch the viewer from this edited shortcut.

Log in issue .. for quite awhile if i get logged out of metropolis logging back in may take hours and sometimes not at all.
I use firestorm viewer 5. I try other viewers same result. No troubles with internet connection.
It either hangs at the "log in" and eventually viewer quits or I immediately get "log in failed". Last night I tried continuous log in attempts for 5 hours, never successful.
Anyone else experiencing this or have any suggestions.
Have cleared cache, downloaded new viewer with clean install, un-plugged modem, tried other metropolis accounts ... all fail.

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coming soon

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I upgraded my servers to ubuntu 16.04 and now i can't connect to my previously working regions. Is there something going on at metro? I get this error when trying to connect: 

Anyone knows personally Lacchi Macchi owner of Aqua Dark in Metro?
I dropped her a notecard and sent IM, but not sure, if her region keeps and sends offline messages, because I havent heard from her. I am asking her on permission to include the NPCs I made from her Mermaid avatars in the OAR I'd want to share with the Opensim through the Outworldz Opensim installation. I got the oar done but need to know if I can include the NPCs or not.
If you know her please tell her, I need an answer, either yes or no. In the notecard I gave her my gmail. Thanks a lot.

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OK here's a decent little collection of medieval people plus a box of those other templates and parts. It's all on the sandbox free to copy:)

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Huhu Metros:) I was playing around with some primitar type models and I left some freebies on the sandbox for anyone who likes medieval type things. I'll be making more eventually and/or adding more detail but this is my first bit of it:)

Hear ye, Hear ye. Read all about the Hyperverse in the VisionZ Magazine.

It has been a month of issues causing us to combine April and May (but which also moves up the release dates from now on to around the 15th of each month rather than the 25th).

Still, some other issues remain...BUT, we got an issue done anyway!

For now, you can get your copy of the full rack or simply click it to be given your magazine at:

We love to see the rack out and about the Hyperverse at many welcome regions and individually run places. So more places will be announced soon. We just decided to go ahead and post about it.

As always we welcome guest writers, or even will consider requests to join our team, we like variety a lot.

If you have a logo to add, please feel free to contact +Sunbeam Magic .

Our mission is to help spread the good word about various things going on in places connected via the Hypergrid.

All done for you, and by you, and have fun!
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