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Even if this is a joke community we still have rules which are but are not limited to:
1. No bullying
2. No graphic nudity
3. No crude language (sexual or disturbing)
4. No pornography
5. No Racism

You are allowed to have your own opinions or argue if you insist, but not following these rules will result in you being banned.

Straight person: Gay marriage will lead to straight divorces!
Me: How?
SP: How will it not?
Me: Is your marriage that weak?
SP: ...

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You are all going to BURN IN HELL. Its what you deserve. You can't save yourself from being gay you child molesting perverts. Just cause you were molested don't make it okay for you to molest.

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We did it.
They banned the straights.

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Originally shared by ****

I love this group

I feel like I belong here

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When I joined this community
Animated Photo

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