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Name Penelope

Age 16

Hometown Elder

Class Pinpoint Outlaw

Like Quiet places and friends

Dislikes Mean people

Personality Shy and cute, really friendly and funny when you become friends

Occupation Guard

Biography When Penelope was young she was kidnapped, experimented and is now half nasod. Though she doesnt like that she was kidnapped and taken from her family, she does enjoy the nasod upgrades to her eyesight and hearing.

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Age: 14
Class: Blade Master
Weapon: sword
Like: playing game cleaning my sword. Apple dragon
Dislike: snakes
Personality : kind sad mad happy helpful 
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Penelope is quietly sitting off the side of castle Walls at Elder when you approach her

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Class Name: Pinpoint Outlaw

Behold, The Pinpoint Outlaw. An unknown being capable of using an incredibly ancient Nassod drone known as a "Yondu". The Pinpoint Outlaw is known for wandering around the valleys and deserts of Bethma, but records show that they seem to be able to use the Yondu when identified Human Nassods Eve and Add could not. The Yondu is literally a force to be reckoned with for it is not just a simple arrow, but by the sound patterns of the Outlaw's whistle will make the Yondu awaken and float around him as a mobile anti-air projectile. However, when the Outlaw creates a sharp enough whistle, the super heated Nassod Arrow Drone darts at the designated target at such high speeds that probablities of blocking the attack must require the utmost focus. And as long as the user continues whistling, the drone will continue to assualt the target until the specific sound wave pattern allows the arrow to safely return to the Pinpoint Outlaw's holster. They also appear to carry an incredibly heavy stone cross as they appear to show that they are sinners of the gods and have punished themselves. But this too can be used as a heavy blunt weapon.

Skills: Most of the long range and normal attacks revolve around the Yondu, however the cross they carry is able to allow these mostly long range fighters into devastating heavy hitters that stick with Area of Effect stricks and powerful slams. But the Yondu can be also be adjusted for different ranges based on the situation and even change it's element with "Yondu Call".

Grand Elsword Class AI..................CLASS APPROVED FOR LIMITED OC USE 
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Name: Natsumi

Age: 19

Class: Exorcist Princess

Hometown: Feita

Likes: Spending time with friends, talking to kind souls, practicing her skills, and talking walks.

Dislikes: Evil Spirits, mean people, Nasods and bullies.

Personality: shy and kind

Weapon: Angelic Scythe

Occupation: Hunter/Exorcist

Bio: "Being born and raised in the dark place known as Feita, Natsumi is extremely strong for her age but can be very shy, for this reason we are sending her to the people of Elder for her assistance."
Quoted from Allegro of Feita

*Natsumi is quietly walking along a river when you approach her* (Open)

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Class Name: Exorcist Princess

Biography: Chosen by the gods to defeat the evil spirits in the world, this beautiful girl uses expert scythe attacks and friendly spirits to help her.

Skills: Exorcistic Slash- a large slash of her scythe sends a deadly wave of light energy towards the direction she is facing. The energy deals continous damage till it ends.

Light Barrage- shoots a barrage of purifing light towards the direction she is facing.

Hell's Gate- A portal that sucks all enemies on the screen in dealing continous damage

God's Pillar- a huge pillar of light that does high magic damage in area it's placed

Angel's Spirit- A spirit that is summoned to do a small combo then disappears

Angel's Tears- Two high powered light beams that explode when they hit a target or reach max range.

God's Protection- Balls of Light that surrounds her and explodes when they make contact with an enemy

The Chosen Few- Souls that try to repent for the sins by raising from the underworld to help the Exorcist Princess by flying up in groups and exploding.

Tornado of Light- swirling lights that cleanse the the target trapped in it, this is very high damage and the Exorcist Princess's best skill.
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Name: Raven

Age: 24

Class: Blade Master

Hometown: Altera

Likes: Training, Resting, Honing his Swordsmanship, A secret crush, Keeping the peace.

Dislikes: Way~~~~ too many things to list, but mostly Machines, Nassods and Ignorant People.

Personality: Knightly, Calm, Easy to agitate, Reasonable, Honorable, Protective of the weak, Strong Willed, Direct, Blunt, Honest.

Weapon: Nassod Arm and Silver Fencing Blade

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Name: Lilith

Age: 20

Class: Tyrant Thorn

Hometown: Bethma

Likes: Lizards, Reptiles, Frogs, Snakes, Dragons, Breaking Robots yet oddly enough loves~ Nassods (Especially if they look human and are cute x3) , Breaking the bones of Knights, Eating, Drinking, Making Rocks go Boom, Hitting on girls, Hitting Boys, Fireworks.

Dislikes: When people call her fucking crazy or an insane bitch, rude people, fake Nassod, Ugly Robots, Phoru, Uncaffeineted drinks, non alchoholic drinks, being called a psycho when she's having fun.

Personality: Wild, Spirited, Flirty, Energetic, Loud, VERY LOUD, Way~~~ to Optimistic for her own good, Loving.

Weapon: Heavy Metal Spiked Greatsword

Occupation: Being Her. Trust me, there can be no Job to describe what this chick does :P

Bio: Letter from Stella to Elder "LILITH!? I'm sorry sir but uh....Lily isn't uh....normal. She was born in Ruben, but because of how strong she was and her magnetic powers kicking in, her parents threw her out into the wild and she was raised by Bears, Lizardmen, Tigers, Bandits, and oh I think a dragon too! She came to me and was surprisingly smart from what that weird Lizard guy at the Alchemy Shop says. But the thing is, SHE'S TOO FRIGGIN CRAZY! She likes the weirdest things, not to mention has a giant pet Komodo Saurus that lives just outside of town. But if you REALLY need help to stop Wally THAT bad.....PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT'S GOOD TAKE HER! TAKE HER AND KEEP THE CRAZY CHICK!!! And as long as she doesn't open this letter I think my bones are safe.....oh also if you have any strip clubs or y'know.....Adult places of the sort in Elder please....keep her away, she loves flirting with women to the point where she's TOO lesbian for anyone. Even Richie thinks she's TOO aggressive of a female lesbian. Anyway take her and get that punk Wally for me!" ~Stella, Head of Bethma.
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