Okay Slidious is published........for Motorola Razr only.

It is good to know that +Dennis Rassmann has implemented sweep2wake since 2 years ago and still keeping it up-to-date for the Nexus 5 hammerhead kernel.

He has done something special to make it work for Nexus 5 more than simply setting irq to wake like me. Probably Note 2 has the same tricky nature as Nexus 5?

My Razr's touchscreen has some stuck touch events tonight. Regardless of it was caused by my face oil plus heat, suspend and resume should be done somehow in order to "re-calibrate" or "reset" the touchscreen driver/hardware.

Experiment on note 2 shows that everything is fine except that setting melfas int irq to wake doesn't let the touchscreen wake up the system.

Is the irq wrong or a different architecture?

Why do I prefer stock kernel?

Not all custom kernel is open source or the source can be found easily. Without the source, it'd be hard to troubleshoot the problems unless the device can be tested directly.

And some custom kernel may have the same or similar slide2wake feature already, I'm not sure will they create any conflict.

How is this possible? If you are using Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4 or Nexus 7, you've probably known about TouchControl.

It work out the slide2wake function by incorporating the slide2wake kernel patch done by some people and derived its own way to make it works for stock kernel for those limited devices as a run-time mod.

Since I've been played with various kernels for a while due to my NoDock and Nebtop app, I believe I can extend the slide2wake feature to more devices and kernels.

So far I've worked out the first version on my Razr within 1 week. For sure some issues have been met and fixed during the 2 weeks testing period.

Nonetheless, observation showed that battery consumption is not increased much by subjective measurement. Realistically, this can be affected by factors like how long the touchscreen is being touched so it may not be suitable for every scenarios.

For the most of you, if you wish, you could enjoy this feature in your phone model and preferably stock kernel if you have your phone rooted by your own will.

Be warned that rooting is a risky operation and will most likely void your phone's warranty(except for the Developer Edition phones from Motorola :), I don't encourage and won't help you to do this.
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