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Enemy profile now accepting applications
These profiles are a must no RPs untill approvel thank you
AGE: 21
WEAPONS OF CHOICE: Toxic nail gun, bretta sniper, toxic blade
Special ability: is resistant to any and all poison gas
Welcome to the war magot!!!!

Hey, this community seems to be dead. I'd like to help revive it, on account of the release of Battlefield 1. This is an excellent opportunity for those who want to play out the World Wars in their own way. So +Dark Elements.... you mind if i share this community with a couple friends?

in our HQ sit I in the garage after our attack on Africa I clean the tanks that survive and repair them now you are searching after me and they say I'm in the garage and you...

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Name/nickname: starkiller
Weapone of choice: one handed lightsaber
Vehicle: speeder or space ship
Special ability: the force

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we are walking on the beach of africa headed into a unknown town you see me walking ahead of everyone squadron 3 take the right squadron 4 come with me

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Name/nickname: cody or cc-2224
Weapone of choice: laserblaster
Vehicle: speeder or at-at Walker
Special ability: no one
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