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added the Girls Frontline section for the game Girls Frontline, and a non-politcial firearms section, called "3D Raifus" for news on cool new guns/gear, or discussions on guns and such

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((This time I'm actually using an image from Girls Frontline.))

Name: STG44, nicknamed Victoria.

Age: 17 to 18.

Gender: Female.

Type: Assault Rifle.

Cartridge: 7.92×33MM Kurtz.

Rate of Fire: 550 to 600 RPM.


STG44, nicknamed Victoria, is the first successful Assault Rifle in the world.

Produced by Nazi Germany towards the end of WW2, STG44 paved way for the future of Assault Rifles.

One such notable example inspired by STG44 was AK-47, a bit STG44's Dismay: a Soviet Weapon copying a German Weapon.

She's usually Friendly, but packs a punch, especially against Red Steel.

Now, her current role is: Substitute Teacher, at Seishou Academy, however, since Northwood Defense has a whole surplus of STG44s lying around, it's not uncommon to see some soldiers wielding the STG44.

She has Close Relations with Erma, aka MP40, since both fought alongside each other during WW2.

Now, because of her Cartridge, it's difficult to tell if she's assigned to the Assault Rifles, or the Battle Rifles, since she was classified as an Assault Rifle, but her 7.92 Cartridge is technically a Battle Rifle's Cartridge, I think.

Now, it should be a fact to be pointed out, that the SCAR Household is owned and funded by N-Enterprises, so it's no surprise STG44 lives there.

One more thing: she's currently participating in the War against the AK Drones, because of WW2 History, you get where I'm going....

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Name: DP-27, nicknamed Natasha.

Age: 17 to 18.

Gender: Female.

Type: Light Machine Gun.

Cartridge: 7.62×54MMR.

Rate of Fire: 550 RPM.

Biography: Developed during WW2, DP-27 was Cheap and Easy to manufacture.

She's able to withstand dirt and sand, being able to fire more than 500 rounds once exposed.

However, like all Russian guns, there comes a few drawbacks.

One of which is the Bipod, it cannot take much abuse, and it breaks easily.

The only magazine option is a 47-round Pan Magazine on the tip of the receiver.

Reloading said Magazine took a long time, carrying was too heavy, and the bolt can loose temper when overheating.

However, it definitely was an improvement over the DP-26.

Of course, she's supplemented by the RPD, then replaced by the PK.

About 5,600 were produced during WW2, however, Northwood Enterprises somehow managed to store over 10,000 of these, it's possible that they could've restarted mass-production, though it is unknown why they did this.

Well, it was an idiotic choice, I think....

Natasha does Attend Red Steel, however, months after enrollment, she dropped out and now enrolled at Seishou.

Honestly, I don't know why Northwood Enterprises give one large Mansion instead of a couple small yet decent Houses to all of their guns.

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Name: Kar98K, nicknamed Helena.

Age: 17 to 18.

Gender: Female.

Type: Bolt-action Rifle.

Cartridge: 7.92×57MM Mauser.

Rate of Fire: depends, she's Bolt-action.


Another Gun hailing from Northwood Enterprises' Overstocked Surplus Weapons Family, Oh Joy....

Anyways, long-story-short, she lives in the SCAR Household and maintains a friendly relationship with both STG44 and T-Gewehr.

She's currently a Teacher at Seishou Academy, teaching Battle Rifles and Sniper Rifles how to Snipe.

Back in the day, she saw widespread use by the Nazis during the entirety of WW2, from the beginning of 1939 to the ending of 1945.

She's a Teacher at Seishou, well, currently substitute.

Now, one more thing: do not Mention Mosin-Nagant when she's around, she'll flip out....

All-in-all, she's a Decent Rifle.

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Name: SVT-40, nicknamed Anastasiya.

Age: 17 to 18.

Gender: Female.

Type: Semi-automatic Rifle.

Cartridge: 7.62×54MMR.

Rate of Fire: Depends.


SVT-40 saw Widespread Use during WW2, initially it was intended to be the main service rifle, but both the SKS and the AK-47 was chosen instead.

She was part of a trio that dropped out of Red Steel, the other 2 guns are Mosin-Nagant and DP-27.

She's now living in the SCAR Household, well, Mansion, and maintains a Friendly Relationship with her Roommates.

She can be reconfigured for a Sniping Role, by adding a Scope.

She's currently attending Seishou.

She, along with DP-27 and Mosin-Nagant, are the only True Russian Guns in the School, even though they're not AKs.

One more thing: she is a Successor to SVT-38.

((Unfortunately there was only an SVT-38 in Girls Frontline, and I didn't want an inaccurate appearance, so I had to improvise.))
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Name: Mosin-Nagant, nicknamed Alyona.

Age: 17 to 18.

Gender: Female.

Type: Bolt-action Rifle.

Cartridge: 7.62×54MMR.

Rate of Fire: Depends on Shooter.


Produced in both World Wars, the Mosin-Nagant is Russia's Standard Infantry Rifle, until the adoption of the AK-47.

Now, Northwood Enterprises had stockpiled the Mosin-Nagant for some reason, but it's a good one too....

Alyona originally attended Red Steel, however, she dropped out a while ago, or transferred to Seishou, like DP-27.

She lives in the SCAR Household, well, actually it's a Mansion, but whatever....

Now, the reasons to behind why she Dropped out, is the same reasons for why DP-27 dropped out too: they were Old, and they couldn't cope with the newer AK Models.

They were also harsh on the old weapons, treating them as Rust Buckets.

Now, both Russian Weapons want revenge for what they've experienced there.

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Coming out now, before SVT-40 and Mosin-Nagant: DP-27 Light Machine Gun.

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Name: Mauser 1918 T-Gewehr, but nicknamed Klara.

Age: 18 to 19.

Gender: Female.

Type: Anti-tank Rifle.

Cartridge: 13MM.

Rate of Fire: Depends, she's a Single-shot Bolt-action Rifle.


Somehow, N-Defense had so much Antique Surplus Weaponry lying around, and since they always refused to auction their weapons, they're now Fielding Old Weapons just for the sake of Quantity Overflow, meaning there's too much Surplus Weapons to actually physically store them inside existing armories.

Trisha is one such weapon, initially replaced by Rocket Launchers, she's fielded back into Service to supplement M107A1, even though Trisha's Single-shot.

She was fielded all the way back from WW1, so she might be the oldest Gun, apart from Headmaster Springfield of Seishou Academy.

Anyways, despite her old age and appearance heavier than M107A1, she still looks relatively young.

She's best friends with STG44, partially because both are stored together in the Overcrowded Armories.

Currently she's in College, but not as a Student, but as a Professor.

However, even though she does work at a University, it's quite close.... fact, the whole point of Seishou's Specialized Guns Program, is to build a College Wing on the Academy Grounds, and they have actually succeeded, which means M107A1 can finally properly go to School.

Since the College is in Town, there are no Dorms, sorta....

One more thing: she has a Friendly Rivalry with PTRD, a Soviet Anti-tank Rifle introduced in Red Steel, as a Rival Professor.

((PTRD Profile coming soon.))
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((Don't know what to say in outside chat, so this is an rp, I guess....))

there is a program currently being held in Seishou Academy: Introductions to Specialized Guns.

one of the guns participating is M107A1, now re-equipped with the M962 SLAP-T Round, SLAP-T is Saboted Light Armor-Piercing Tracer for Short, it's a Sabot Round, almost like the APFSDS Round a 120MM Smoothbore Gun on an M1A2 Abrams shoots.

now, because she was equipped with Athena's Scope, and she was remodified with Composite Materials--bringing the weight to 3 pounds, and an anonymous company modifying the Recoil System so that it feels like your shooting a 9mm SMG, her appearance had changed as well.

however, said Company was against the AK Drone Production by Red Steel, so to fight monsters, they created their own monsters, and pit them against the AK Drones.

but more importantly: both Military Doctrines of both said Factions are the complete opposite: Red Steel having Expendable and Cheap Mass-produced Drones, and the Company, later found out to be Northwood Robotics, having more Expensive, yet More Superior Non-expendable Androids that cannot be Mass-produced without the use of Advanced Assembly Technology and Special Doctrines.

this program, hosted by Seishou Academy, will have Special Guns, pitted against Captured AK Drones, in Training Sessions, to see if they're fit for combat against the AK Drones.

M107A1 Rin, now with her appearance completely changed and redesigned, have surpassed all Expectations, and excelled at the top of her class.

but, it was no sweat, she's designed as the perfect weapon against the AK Drone.

but, the US Armed Forces may think it's too expensive to field her, but they're still evaluating.

but, for some reason, the German Army wants to field her now, thus, she's been nicknamed: "Panzervernichter", German for "Tank-Annihilator", strengthening her Anti-Materiel Title.

however, during the reconstruction process, her original personality had to be removed, unfortunately, it was discovered the original personality was incompatible with the new body, so a new personality was constructed, but with Humans' view on Robots, the Personality was Machine-like, showing no Emotion.

the three laws of robotics didn't help either, she was made more independent than ever, and she was sentient as well, and the three laws weren't programmed into her, she's a weapon made for war the three laws would just be a virus and an illness to her.

of course, Guns cannot harm humans unless a Human was actually wielding said Gun, the same goes for M107A1.

some more details included are: preference for Empty, Cold, yet Comfy Living Accommodations, increase in Reaction Time, increased Senses especially Visual and Auditory Functions, decrease in bad-behavioral Rates, etc.

one downside though, technically she is a Machine, but she's not expendable, however, it's hard to convince her she's not replaceable and that she's special in her role, but up to this day, she's not convinced, and is scared of getting replaced.

even though she's not programmed of showing emotions outside, she can still feel inside, but with the ever-growing burden of knowing herself as a machine, she's growing apathetic.

anyways, M107A1 had just arrived to Seishou Academy, your factored into this because your assigned to show her around the Academy.

that includes both the Assault Rifle and Battle Rifle Portions of the School.

((I'm rping M107A1.))

((New Appearance will both be shown here and in M107A1's Profile.))

Idiotically, this Northwood Enterprises I kept speaking of, also has a surplus of Soviet Weapons as well, mostly SVT-40s and Mosin-Nagants though.

And it's rumored that they have an even larger surplus of Kar98K Rifles.

So far, the gun profiles I've created have affiliations with Northwood Enterprises.

Let me give you a brief summary of NE's role here:

It's role here is to improve existing weaponry, in hopes to field them once again, take for instance: STG44 and T-Gewehr, both are being fielded again.

They're also trying to stop Red Steel, since Northwood Robotics was the original creators of the AK Drone's Technology.
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