who is your least favorit pony? whos your favorit

Moony: ga goo goo? ( translation: do you wuv a fwuffy baba?)

I have 2 muffins and I don't know who to get to the other one 2 what should I do?

hey derpy what is your least favorit muffin flavor? and then whats your favorit?

Derpy, where is your favorite place to eat a muffin and why?

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How do I make toast?

derpy how did u get into liking muffins?

If you had to which would you choose: Jumping off a cliff with absolutely no knowledge of what lies at the bottom, or, walk through a field of corn, having no knowledge  as to what lies within?

Hey luna and derpy whats your fav game

hey luna who do YOU like we all know who derpy likes, but what about u
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