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I know it isn't the original Alternity, but our game group played the first playtest of the "new" version of the Alternity RPG by Sasquatch (guidance by Richard Baker and Bill Slavicsek).

It's definitely an updated and more modern system, but very much has the original Alternity feel to it. The playtest takes place in a PL 6ish timeline, where space travel happens but alien contact hasn't been made (although it is known they exist through ancient artifacts).

I'm very happy with the new play style of the game so far, as early as it is. They are definitely heading in a very faithful direction to the original.

If anyone could comment in on this, I'd appreciate it.
I'm making a list of parts for my players to collect in order to build a deminsional teleporter. They are on a pl 5/6 gamma world with pl 7/8 aleins attacking the population for sport.
What parts should I add to the list?

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Anyone can tell me if has some diference between the limited black cover edition to the traditional edition of the PHB?

So what does everyone think of the announced new game? Without the Star Drive or Dark*Matter licenses OR backwards compatibility, I'm not really sure if the point? Still, there are some smart people working on it.

I don't find the GM Screen and I'll make one, wich image I can use? I don't have any idea.

I'm gearing up for a new Alternity game, I have some house rules in mind but I am wondering what house rules people find mandatory.

Finally found copies of the Star Drive, Dark Matter and Gamma Works books. Reading through Star Drive now, though I've read it before.

Thoughts: This book spends way to long on history leading up to GWII, then very little on the war itself. Most of this ancient history isn't useful for me as DM or player and should have been condensed.

Next: GWII was way too long (100 years?!) and had to much time after it before the game started. It took them how long to reconnect the verge? If have made the war last 20 years, just long enough for a generation to grow up with no memory of peace, and set the game 2-5 years later, so it is very uncertain if war will break out again, people are still figuring out how to be cool with wartime enemies and people are just starting to recontact The Verge. That way the players can be the first people to contact new colonies, find some of the destroyed ones and loot some of the ones that died off.

I've read the first two entries in The Verge section. Again, to much Long Silence history, doubly so with Tendril though some good amounts of detail on today. If doing the book over, I would want less then a page of history each and spend the time fleshing them out, more plot hooks, details in them, maps, etc. If rather have a place I can drop players into and go from them 100 years of history.

I'll try and remember to update this as I go, and would love others thoughts 

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