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As a reminder, purchasing in-game items from unauthorized sellers is a violation of the Ingress Terms of Service. This week, we’ve taken action against various Item Sellers and have banned over 6,000 accounts related to these stores. We will continue to remove items from Agent inventories that originate from third-party sellers. This means that any items purchased through third-party websites or services will disappear from inventories - even if these items were passed to other players unknowingly.

In addition, we will now be temporarily or permanently banning Agents that are found to have repeatedly purchased items after receiving warnings previously. We appreciate your cooperation in promoting fair gameplay and we will continue to make a best effort to ensure that the actions of those who play fairly are protected.

Edit clarification: We'll only ban accounts that directly purchased the items.

Un fuerte abrazo a todos. Saludos

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#IngressComic  Must-have skill set for LEVEL 1


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En un año q veremos en nuestras ciudades?
Barquisimeto Hace poco... Y ahora... Ya vamos para un Año estimados! #GreenZone #Lara #Venezuela
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Onyx Explorer
Last Friday in Vienna, I finally reached the milestone of 30,000 unique portal visits (UPV), earning the #OnyxExplorer medal.

I took my time to get there: more than 3 years travelling to 66 major cities in 20 countries, and walking more than 9,500 km (according to my trekker counter).

It is not an easy task – as my memory fails me – to thank all the people who travelled with me and those who supported us during our trips. Please accept my apologies and rest assured of my gratitude even if you do not appear below. So, thanks (again) to:
+Alessandro Del Pex,+xk didia,+Johan Son,+Marius H Tronstad,+Anton Khudozhnik,+Claudio Cocivera,+Matilde Tusberti,+Anne Beuttenmüller,+Albert Mark,+Marco Reducs,+Phil Azar,+Alexandre Amiche,+Vitaly Kabernik,+Lamia Alonso,+Виктор Логинов,+Maria Ilyushina,+Nicolas Broquet,+Julia Boehme,+Torben Winter,+Peter Haberland,+Sebastian Carewe,+Luca di Meo,+Lisa Pagliarulo,+Damien Mórka… 

"Don't forget, keep exploring the map!" – Age of Empires II

#Ingress #IngressTravels #OnyxExplorer #BlackExplorer #DoraMedal +Ingress +Niantic +John Hanke
Onyx Explorer 2016/04/01
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APB on missing ingress player: a Buffalo RES agent gomit15 (real name Sam Sly) who has been missing since Friday evening. His last known Ingress location was in Buffalo at 23:07 this Saturday 3/12 on the University at Buffalo bike path. Whereabouts unknown after that. The police are trying to chase down all avenues on this, so the Buffalo Resistance had been contacted to put out an APB through our communities (so to speak) about this from here to Albany. Please share with other Ingress Groups if you are in them. Lets find this missing agent!

If you have any information (even a casual thing like noticing a portal cap, etc.), please let us or the Amherst police department know. (716-689-1311).

This is the link to the information being shared by gomit15-Sam's family. Please feel free to share on your fb pages!

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Agendación de tareas para los profesores con google. 
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Helping teachers prepare assignments anywhere, anytime 
Now it’s easier for teachers to see, create, and post drafted assignments in #GoogleClassroom on iPhones and iPads. Prep tomorrow’s assignment while on the move or send a drafted announcement from the teachers’ lounge
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