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For a profile template
Species (if heartless or nobody please say what type) :
Weapons(use if your a special nobody or heartless too) :
Theme (optional)
if you want to add more feel free because i know that some like to make descriptive profiles and please for all that is holy dont make your characters over powered,i dont want people to leave because of other peoples characters

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Here is my character for the RP if anyone is interested.

Name: M

Age: ???

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Yellow (Left) and Red (Right)

Gender: Male

Personality: Kind, Serious, Caring

Weapons: Oblivion

Form: Dark Spirit, Darkness Mode, Ultima Form

Bio: Having survived the Keyblade War, M has been given immortality to defend the light and keep the balance of light and dark.

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Well this is it. The two-part finale of The Light Vs Darkness Arc. It was a fun arc filled with twists and turns but it has to end.
Private RP with +SilentHolmes Lovegood​.
Part 1 of 2: Light Vs Dark!!!! The Final Confrontation!!!

Private RP part 11: A Secret Revealed!!! The True Reason Why Hikari's World Vanished!!!
+SilentHolmes Lovegood​

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this is just an update
Name:leon maroo
Species (if heartless or nobody please say what type) :human
Weapons(use if your a special nobody or heartless too) :keyblades (the way out of darkness(my custom keyblade)and others), , ninja stuff
powers/magic:burst of speed (zantetsukan) fire super strength,master form valor form wisdom form final form anti form, and other moves from birth by sleep also cureaga, summons and has has something called fatal final form were he can summon more then two keys for final form. the more he has the shorter and the more strength it takes to controll it. it can compleatly draoin him
Personality:depends on mood
Bio:grew up a keyblade wealder and. is good at making friends but doesnt have any grew up with some friends but they were killed by the heartless
(none of the art is mine all credit goes to there respective ownsers)
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+SilentHolmes Lovegood
leon is going world to world making shure everything is ok. he gets to the world you are in and he starts looking around. he finds a alrge group of heartless and sees someone elts near them. that person was you and you,,,

Name: Taiyo Doragon. (Sun Dragon in Japanese.)
Age: Around the same as Hikari.
Height: 4'7
Weight: 143 pounds.
Personality: Calm, Has some slight anger issues, nice, collected and smart.
Weapon: He carries a metal staff.
Appearance: He's been usually seen with a brown coat similar looking to the Organization.
Affiliation: Light.
Bio: Taiyo Doragon is rather calm and all that. His past is that he was a orphan and when he became old enough to leave the orphanage he created a metal staff and went around exploring the land and then he met Hikari and the two were Best friends almost like brothers. But they got separated when their world fell into darkness. However there's something that Taiyo has inside him...And that is...A Split Personality named Mr. SD. The two argue with each other a lot but they get along a few times. He's the only company Taiyo has while he's trying to find his friend Hikari. 

does anyone have a cherecter that may want to date leon. btw im making some improvements on him soon reguarding looks and keyblades and things. if not then who wants to rp

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[Name] Analize Berkshire

[Age] 17

[Gender] Female

[Race] Human who can wield a keyblade

[Hight] 167cm

[Weight] 56 kg

[Blood type] A+

[Handedness] Right

[Birthday] 5th of May

[Sexuality] Bisexual

[Skills] Keyblade wielding, cooking, singing, ice skating, magic

[Personality] She's sweet and nice but she can get angry easily. She can also insult people or generally be rude when she's angred

[Family] Unknown

[Appearance] Long pink and aqua hair, long legs, big greenish blue eyes, wears mostly black clothes with glitter

[Biography] You have to discover it through role playing

[Likes] Alpacas, cats, sweets, shiny and glittery things, rainbows, spring, flowers

[Dislikes] Bugs, jerks, people who think they are better than others, Heartless, people that are too full of themselves

who wants to rp?
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