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The Young Scientist Cards can now be completed under parent supervision. Do You want to be a young Scientist? Choose a card and start doing the activities now! Completing 15 stars worth of activities earns you a badge! 

Earning badges is a four step process. 
Step 1: Purchase the Young Scientist card of your choice from Curiosity shop @Science Centre Singapore. 
Step 2: Complete the activities in the card
Step 3: Upload a photo / video of the activity, and write a short note on which activity you are completing and why.
Step 4: Wait for one of our resident Scientists to endorse the activity by commenting on it
Step 5: Repeat for the rest of the card

When submitting your card to earn badges, do the following
1. Print all your completed activity photos and the admin endorsement
 2. Attach the printouts to your card and submit to Science Centre Singapore before the deadline of the Young Scientist submission (typically in August every year)
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