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Welcome to the Google+ community for Rose Task Manager. In the links section you'll see a link to the web store if you'd like to add this script to a Google spreadsheet, a link to the main website and finally one to the FAQ where I'll be summarizing any issues raised here. there a way to set the email notifications to automatically go to everyone shared on the google doc?

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Here is an error message I get when sending a status update email: The coordinates or dimensions of the range are invalid.
Which cell are we referring to in the error message?
Thank you.

I've had reports of regular tasks not making it from the calendar to the task list spreadsheet. Has anyone else seen this?

Answers to some recently asked questions:

Q. I would like to change the "subject" into "project" and maybe rename some of the others as well. Can I do this without messing things up? Also I would like to add some columns. Is that OK? 

The form looks for columns with specific names when it's deciding where to put the answers and these are hard-coded, so I'm afraid you are stuck with "subject" at the moment. I did a quick experiment to confirm this. In fact all of the existing headers have to stay the same, but you can add new columns for your own use.

Q. Also I would like to edit the form so that it has a list of locations to chose from. Will that mess anything up? 

That should be OK, the script simply copies this value into the spreadsheet.

Q. I have a task list that I would like to import into the system you have created by cutting and pasting from an existing spreadsheet. Will this cause problems of any sort?

This isn't possible at the moment. The Google Form keeps an internal list of submissions and ignores any manual entries into the sheet, so they simply get pushed to the bottom of the list by form submissions and automatic entries from the calendar, and their ID numbers get incremented. This would require an import script that put your old tasks into the forms internal list - I'll put that on the feature request list.

Here's the latest questions in the FAQ:

Q. Can I change the name of the task list spreadsheet from Rose Task Manager?

No, at the moment that isn’t configurable.

Q. Can I change the name of the regular event calendar from Rose Task Manager?

No, at the moment that isn’t configurable.

Q. What happens if I try and re-install the add-on without uninstalling it first?

The existing task list and fields sheet are retained and their names appended with the todays date and time before a new task list and fields sheet are created. The existing form is deleted and re-created. The existing calendar is retained and used, so any existing events/tasks will still appear in the new task list as scheduled.

Q. Can I rearrange the columns in the task list and add new ones?

Yes, the script can cope with this but DO NOT rename the existing columns as they are used by the script. They will be configurable in later versions.

Q. Can I change the fields in the Fields sheet?

No, these are used internally by the script.

Q. Can I manually add tasks to the list rather than using the form?

No, they have to be added via the Google form linked to the sheet (Form > Go to live form).

Q. Can the task request form be customised?

Extra fields can be added but the names of the existing ones must stay the same.

Q. Can the emails be customised?

No, at the moment they aren’t configurable.

Q. If I change the Status of a task from ‘closed/done’ to ‘open’ will it clear the ‘closed’ timestamp

No, the user is left to manage the timestamps once the script has added them.
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