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One application of grahite equipment
Production: HCl Synthesis
Process: Hydrogen chloride synthesis, cool, absorb
Equipment: cooler ,absorber, ejector, centrifujal bump, burning room.
Temperature: 20-1500℃
Heat transfer coefficient:500-1000kcal/㎡.h. ℃
The years of used:over 10 years

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Graphite Heat Exchanger Can be Used in Petrochemicals.
Name: Applicaton:
Chloro-ethane CH3CH2Cl Cooler HCl .Absorber
Ethylene dichlorid CH3CHCl2 Cooler.Heat exchanger.Reboiler.
Benzyl chloride Tube channel.Reboiler.Centrifugal pump
High concentration hydrochloricacid preparation delivery
Perchloroethylene CCl3CCl3 Reactor. Cooler. Heater,Condenser
Carbon tetrachloride CCl4 Cooler.Falling absorber. Centrifugal pump. Lined Tower
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Precision Farming Market worth 4.80 Billion USD by 2020

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The precision farming market is estimated to exhibit high growth potential till 2020. The total market is expected to reach USD 4.80 Billion by 2020 from USD 2.76 Billion in 2015, at a CAGR of 11.7% between 2015 and 2020. Cost reduction and advancement in the agricultural industry are acting as the drivers for the market. Precision farming helps in reducing the cost of farming such as fertilizers, chemical applications, pollution, and others by applying the right amount of inputs at the right place. For instance, satellite guidance steering, such as GPS or GIS steering, helps in reducing energy, fuel bill, and it enhances driving accuracy.

The largest market in the technology segment is the guidance system owing to use of GPS and GIS technology on the field. GPS technology helps farmers and agriculture service providers to automatically record the field data and apply variable rate of inputs to smaller areas within larger fields. Farmers use GPS for major applications such as guidance and automatic steering, yield monitoring, field mapping, and variable rate application, parallel swathing, utilization of fertilizers, and others.

The software application is expected to account for the largest share for growth mechanism segment of the precision farming market. Crop management is expected to grow at the highest rate during the forecast period. The growth can be attributed to the fact that it helps in crop protection, monitoring & auditing, minimizing waste & pollution management, landscape & soil management, and crop nutrition. It assists in better utilization of resources and improves crop quality.
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