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This is knowledge I have gained on my life path that I would want to know if I were in someone else's position. It is life or death important!

This Teaching Can End Violence and Suffering:

The Morning Glory Teaching ( has been sent out to at least 2 thousand+ in print/email form to college offices, corporate offices, government offices internationally in Syria, Algeria, Canada, India, Japan, China, Haiti, etc., in the streets in Guatemala, Belize, Mexico, in the USA in PA, ME, NY, CT, MA & other places.

ln goodwill, Benjamin Carrel d'Haiti

This is not a threat, but a cosmological teaching. There is danger in the unknown. There is danger after you die if you don't have a clear plan. Imagine the shock. Imagine the disorientation. Moment by moment what will it be like as your mind transpires at death? Once you die, how long will you be "dead" for? There is danger in the unknown! And it is those who meticulously plan who are successful. So then meditate and pray, do not delay! You will have long lasting and profound regret if you do not heed what I say. It is equally uncertain as to whether you might die this month as it is that you might die ten years from now. Then attend to this warning: Meditate and pray, do not delay! Do not continue along in any under-prepared way. Ask 100 times each night, for 100 nights for guidance. Say aloud, as you lay down to sleep: "Ancient saints, give me wisdom in my dreams to understand the afterlife." Isn't this most reasonable? In my dreams, I learned of angels of a higher heaven that can know anything. And they showed me that every emotion you cause another being to feel, you will be forced to know the same - by higher means in time. We will all be judged. Is this fair? Question the angels. If you are subject to their authority, then what do they owe you?

Anyone with a bad will shall be overcome by the light. Time, a natural reality is the supreme ruler of all and wisdom is its offspring. Teaching shall end all war and suffering - Yet never forget the importance of survival and self-defense. Violence is only good where it is necessary to defend things of good influence. What is the intrinsic effect of what we do? Consider Astronomy and reincarnation! See clearly: The sun that shines in the daytime sky screams something - silently, and we all have judgement systems and record systems in our societies. The Sun and all the mysteries of existence scream, there is far more than we know. And you must be judged before you can be reborn, so be a hero of old in every way! Live by the golden rule always, or have eternal regret! No one can escape infinite time. Infinite time stands before us all, and nirvana is positive 1, whereas depression is negative 1. Those who seek are never lost! Stone-solid medicine ways will bring you to nirvana. So purify! Every bite of food is a pill. Every thought is a radiation treatment. Anything that can be broken can be restored, but consult the heavens in all your affairs. Your amount of knowledge of herbalism and healing in all its forms is that which gates you off from nirvana. And those who seek are never lost! And no soul cannot learn through time, thus a great renaissance is inevitable! But consider Astronomy and rebirth: See clearly, You must be judged before you can be reborn, so be a hero of old in every way! Spread goodness always! Live by the golden rule always, or have eternal regret! If you aren't smiling with true joy, and singing from your heart every single day, then you are in a hell, and it is year zero for you, until you are in nirvana. Nirvana is positive 1 and depression is negative 1. And those who seek are never lost! Astronomy and reincarnation? With the time and resources you have, what are you responsible for? Those who are successful are they who plan meticulously! You will have profound and long lasting regret if you do not heed what I say: Live by the golden rule, and pray 100 times each night, for 100 nights for dreams of understanding. Because there is danger in the unknown. There is danger after you die if you don't have a clear plan. Imagine the shock. Imagine the disorientation. Moment by moment what will it be like? Seek to understand, logically test and seek from many origins of thought so you are sure you aren't being deceived. Just keep praying if you don't know what a dream means. The heavens live, you will learn! We will all be judged. Unless one is living by the golden rule, they are not a rational advisor. The heavens live! The Morning Glory teaching can end all war and suffering. Tell your friends! I wish you the most ideal, and it is those who are successful who meticulously plan. Those who seek are never lost!

Please visit to view an important elaboration and to see the audio and visual elements of this teaching.

In Goodwill,
Benjamin Carrel d'Haiti

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exu - tranca tudo

arte composta pelo ponto riscado e ou diagrama do ritual da umbanda
os buzios ( circular) e os fios de contas (arco) escrevem em braile a palavra “tranca tudo”
serão vendidas apenas sete copias deste trabalho, e desta forma manter a exclusividade de obras com meus clientes.
quando vendido sete copias deste trabalho a obra será retirada do site.

exu tranca tudo

ele é exu formoso,
sua capa é de veludo. (bis)
ê, ê, ê, povo de ganga,
vai chegar seu tranca tudo.

trancou, trancou, ele vem trancar,
trancou, trancou, ele vem trabalhar.
sua quimbanda é muito forte,
mas seu ponto é miúdo,
ele sabe sempre quem o faz,
saravá seu tranca tudo. (bis)

umbanda, exu tranca tudo, exu, tranca,

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Apart from this there is also the result of discord, conflicts, frustration, lack of restlessness or unrest and lack of enthusiasm for no particular reason at home. In such an environment the unnatural death of a member of household and sudden loss in business is considered to be a very strong symptoms.

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