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*Everything is subject to change

~Time Period

Year 97,985 B.C./B.C.E.
Paleolithic/Old Stone Age

The second half of the Old Stone Age has brought us, the Homo Sapiens , to create fire, stone tools, spears, etc. Humanity is just making their first steps in South America, while the Western Hemisphere is thriving. Nomadic clans have been created by men to unite a very small portion of the already 500,000+ humans on the planet.

What you can and cannot use:
>Nothing invented from 7,000 B.C.-10^25 years from now
>Spears, rock-throwers, and primitive weaponry are permitted.
>No big nations or factions yet, only clans consisting of 10-35 people.
>Fire is available (duh)
>Horses, Mammoths, Sabertooth tigers, and other old mammals are still alive.
>No fancy clothing or full outfits. Think cavemen-style fashion. (It's the shit, ya know)
>None of the religions we know in love have been created, it's simply Animism throughout.

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Anyone wanna RP?

so what time period are we in?

thank you +Frederic Ellsworth  for the membership! :)

and thanks +Chris Martin  for the invite!

(Can u be the aztec empire or a celtic one?) 

leader info

name: Palek GenSed

tribe: Kelestes

Personality: believes that he is the best leader and can be a jerk sometimes but will do his best to protect the tribe and is devoted to it and it's beliefs, prefers to fight with the tribe instead of sit back in his tent protected

facial features: wears the traditional baby mammoth skull that has been passed down from leader to leader over several generations, long black hair, pale face, scar going from his forehead to his nose

body features: mostly pale skin, scratches from sabre tooth cat on his thigh

weapons: club made from mammoth bone

clothing: mammoth skin

Tribe name: Kelestes (Harmony in our language)
leader: Palek GenSed
Location: migrates around the coast of the Chesapeake bay
religion: five gods, one for the trees (Sed, two more for the sun (Oktat) and moon (Ruf), one for the earth(Neek), and one for the ocean(KeOl)
people: 23
beliefs: slavery is permitted (however they are considered equals) mammoth meat is considered sacred to our tribe (nearby mammoths are defended from other tribes so that only we can have them)
economy: mostly hunting, meat is sometimes traded among the tripe members for other resources
technology: small huts made from mammoth skin and supported with mammoth bone, other than that, usual stone age stuff
history: originally a small group of Australopithecus, over tens of thousands of years we stayed together, once we began to develop language, it all sparked and we became what we are today

Well RIP this community.
Throws a good idea in the trash.
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