Hey Waz!

Hello ! Are you planning to release a wazhack 2 ?
I am still playing your game. It's still awesome.

Another beta, specially targeted at newer devices like the S7 will beta shortly. Opt-in on the right there to be sure you get the update to test on your device.

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Anybody To play multi player on beta version? Add me bogybogy

Having some weird problem getting the Play Store to give testers the updated version for 1.3 beta testing. Bear with me, the update will appear as soon as I can work out what's going on.

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The first beta for WazHack 1.3 is now available for Android! Follow the opt-in link if you have not done so already: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.wazhack.WazHack note that some regions may take a few hours for the new APK to become available. It should be at least build 1797 (visible in Options).

Thanks for participating in the beta!

WazHack Version 1.2 is now the official release on Google Play.

WazHack 1.2 beta 4 will be available to update to in the next 1-4 hours, depending on your location. This breaks save-file compatibility, so finish your characters!

The beta is moving along nicely. Thanks to everyone reporting bugs!

There are still a few outstanding, but I'm looking into them. The Android beta has been updated to 1.2 beta 3 (may take a couple of hours after this post to appear, depending on your region).

Meanwhile, I've also been preparing the Steam version, and it is now ready to join the beta!

If you have an account for the Web version and you want to join the Steam beta, email or PM me before Friday with your in-game Nick or your email address and I will assign a beta steam key to your web account (assuming I don't run out of keys - be quick). Note: I do not need your Steam ID, just your WazHack account identifier (email or nick will do). It will take a couple of days (I only just ordered the keys from Valve, I'm slightly disorganized...), but I'll announce here when it's activated for you.

I'm sure this doesn't apply to many here, but note that once 1.2 goes out, the price of the Web/Windows/Mac version will increase (probably to $10), so get it now at the $5 price if you want it (the web version will entitle you to a free Steam key upon release).

Thanks again for supporting the game, I really appreciate this community, and it makes the game even more fun to write!

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WazHack 1.2 beta for Android is available now - follow this link (also in the "About this community")

May take an hour or so to be available, depending what country you are in.

Opt in via the link, then Update the game from Google Play.
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