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I'm pleased to announce that my new Google Sheets Add-on: Essay Metrics is now live!

Essay metrics allows users to get detailed file metrics from Google Docs in their Drive. The information can be from single files, whole folders or from assignments set in Google Classroom.

At a glance, on one spreadsheet, you can see reading age, connective counts, sentences that start without capital letters an much more. You can even set your own keywords and get a count of these in each Doc!

As a Maths teacher, I've been benefiting from computer assisted marking and feedback for years. I've always wanted to be able to support teachers in subjects which require longer answers, and I feel that this is a really good step in the right direction. I hope that teachers can find use of this to check drafts of student work and reduce their marking load and improve efficiency!

As ever, I always welcome your suggestions and comments. I hope people find this useful!

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Glenn's notes on moving forward.

STEM: Lego League and Science Olympiad for Enrichment T1 and T2 Arduino Bootcamp T3.

Network Improvements Coming

1-to-1 Planning Questions for Staff (Need to Improve Access and Engagment):
-Implications for Instruction
-Device Type
-Funding and Ownership Models (for
Staff and Students, Hybrid between BYOD and School-Supported?)
-Content Delivery and Management (DiscoveryEd, FolletShelf, Edmodo, Schoology, etc.)
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Doing in pre-assessments in DiscoveryEd in Science share assessment with MST. Khan reporting limited, see progress, time, green / red. Needs to be more granular ( a percentage will be nice). Khan is more of supplementary than more self-directed activity. Kids that need the most help do the less Khan. The tool needs application... a task, a social aspect. Khan is good with remedies certain gaps in learning. Social aspect to guide, Access is important, needs removes barriers. Needs mentor, facilitator, teacher to guide, not just go to room, time to guide learners. How do you do that with a class 25 (TAs, inclusion, support), don't need all kids at once. DiscoveryEd as fancy textbook (content source transmission of information, assess understanding too.) Use comments, Opportunities to share and get feedback. Data mining. Actionable data, but also find meaningful that fuel. Need diagnostic tools and performance tasks.

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Makerbots and Arduinos, oh my. 
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I'd be interested to hear your feedback on today's webinar.  I apologize if anyone got reprimanded for their late arrival to faculty meeting. 
Schoolnet Demo Pics
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Even though we've got the webinar today, take a look at the tech plan (added some text and prices for the Foundation at the bottom) and survey questions, if you can.

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+Matt Cronin  will Finish Foundation Grant, +Bill Sullivan  will set up LMS Demo, +Eileen Perry  will share Foundation meeting time and present Foundation grant to Foundation. +Glenn Blakney will come back from Nature's Classroom, sane and in one piece. Everyone take a look at the survey questions and edit or add.

Also everyone bring a best use case, case study, examples, articles, etc. of a 1-to-1s that work, to help guide our plan and garner support from teachers, parents, kids.

I spoke with Lyndsey at Pearson. I was able to get her to schedule a webinar for MCCPS next Wednesday at 3:25 for an hour. It will be her and a solutions engineer that can answer any of our questions and take us through the product. She will send us the WebEx info soon. She is then willing to offer us a "sandbox" account to let us play with it ourselves. Score.

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