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Tonton guys..
Semoga bermanfaat 😉

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I am currently working in eclipse plugin development project. I trying for a switch but there isn't much opening in my current location(Chennai in India). so is it good stay in eclipse plugin developement/RCP or do i have to learn any other java technologies for surviving in future?.

Can any one please tell the future of eclipse plugin development ?

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Hello everyone. I have developed an Eclipse RCP port of my Uriana Framework to simplify RCP applications development.

Information is in Spanish, but nevertheless I leave the link:

Hi, I have a question regarding eclipse CHE: can I install eclipse plugins, or only plugins thought explicitly for che?

I heard that there is a JFace/SWT implementation with web technologies (I think its name is RAP). Why Che has not been developed with RAP instead? I'm just wondering why nobody thought to put all pieces together to create a web version of a otherwise "normal" eclipse distribution... I would be very interested if it existed, and the most important thing would be the possibility to run normal eclipse plugins!


Hey all, I have an eclipse RCP application based on eclipse Kepler, I would like to update it to eclipse neon, but I couldn't find any information on how to update an RCP application. Can anyone help me?

Hi all, I'm new to this. Recently, I found a lot of application or ides have GUI look like eclipse (zend,...). Do they use RCP? Thanks

hello everyone. i need some help with the application that i'm working on. i need to send  the list of my ListView in the other activity using button. but i can't put or send the list to the other activity, i don't know how to do that. i ended up to go to that activity without value or worse it error. help me out with this pls thanks.

How to connect Amazon EC2 for code editing via Eclipse? Thanks.
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