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pls vote no
Should Super Ghost be banned from Battle Kingdom?

Yes or No

Here is all the evidence of him breaking rules and insulting multiple debaters in Battle Kingdom


Here's more trolling and rule breaking


This Post is at +SethTheProgrammer's request for +Super Ghost's violation of community rules.

In 24 hours the results will be final
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When your comic geek friend says Superman isn't FTL. 😒✌
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Superman's heat vision is able to match Captain Cold's freeze gun, which was shooting out ice at absolute zero temperatures, this requires him to reach Planck Temperatures. For the uninformed 1.416833(85) × 1032 K. That's almost Big Bang level heat.

And yet people still argue on whether or not he can destroy a planet with it.


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Superman fight with wonder woman shook the heaven


Whats cool is that Heaven is an entire multiverse:

Trinity of Sin Phantom Stranger #10


A heaven for every religion

Trinity of Sin Phantom Stranger #11


"there are neighborhoods in heaven?"
"Neighborhoods, nations, worlds and Universes

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Some Casual Superman striking/punching power feat calculation

In Infinite Crisis, the final battle against Superboy Prime had Earth-1 and Earth-2 Superman grab him and fly him through Krypton's sun Rao to drain his powers:


As you can see, they create a very large ejection of stellar material as they leave the star.

Now in this continuity, Rao is a red giant (as opposed to the New 52, where it's a red dwarf).

According to the Wikipedia article, red giant stars have radii "tens to hundreds of times larger than the sun". This is a bit too vague to get an average, so I'll use the diagram in the same article that shows the sun's diameter as a red giant will be 200 times greater than it is now (0.01 AUs compared to 2 AUs).

So we'll use 2 AUs (299,195,741,400 meters) as the diameter of Rao.

Now for the density. The article says that red giants range from 0.3 to 10 solar masses. Taking the average (5.15 solar masses), this would give Rao a density of 730,464.3092 kg/km^3.

Diameter of Rao = 299,195,741.4 km = 654 px. So the scale is 457,485.8431 km/px.

Treating the ejected material as a cone, the base diameter is 84.38009244 px, or 38,602,697.73 km. Radius is thus 19,301,348.87 km, and the base area = 1.170375424e15 km^2.

Height = 98.18350167 px = 44,917,562.04 km.

Volume of a cone = (1/3) * area of base * height

(1/3) * 1.170375424e15 * 44,917,562.04 = 1.752347024e22 km^3.

Multiplying by the density, the mass is thus 1.280026958e28 kg.

In order to find the GPE, we first have to find the acceleration due to gravity. Luckily, we have the gravity calculator.

First we input the radius of Rao (149,597,870.7 km).

Next we have to convert the density to a form the calculator recognizes, such as kg/m^3. 730,464.3092 kg/km^3 = 0.0007304643092 kg/m^3.

Surface gravity is pretty low, 0.03 m/s^2.

Center of mass of a cone = 1/4th of the height = 11,229,390,510 m.

1.280026958e28 * 0.03 * 11,229,390,510 = 4.312176772e36 joules, or 1030.634984 yottatons.

Keep in mind this was just the effect of them flying through it, and exiting it after their powers had been mostly drained.

CONCLUSION: They created a Shock Wave capable of destroying 19433 Earth-like planets...


Credit goes to EndlessMike.
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