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Name: John Egbert

Likes: Nic Cage, Sburb, Hammers, Fruit Gushers

Dislikes: Betty Crocker, Baked Goods, Peanut butter (allergic)

Hobbies: Playing pranks on others, eavesdropping, making new variations of hammers.

Appearance: See for yourself!

Hi im john. lots of homestucks in this comm.

freaking krill me!

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Name: Deadpool
Dislikes:you and everything

Bio: wade Wilson hade a son he started off crazy he said to his son before he left him was "danm how did that condom break!" As a kid he grow tough to the point he doesn't care

Specialty: teleport,x factor healing, being cocky, talking trash, freeze time , pulling weapons out of nowhere watch out watch out watch out weapon OUTA NOWERE XP

quote: they call me a mess up, uhhhh I'm tuching myself tonight

Clothing: take a look

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Name: lili
Age: 12
Gender: girl
Personality: she is a kind harted girl but sometimes can be a bit childish and excitable. She is also kinda nerdy
Likes: is a big fan of books her fav is Harry poter and also loves chocolate, chocolate is da best
Dislikes: boys and bugs she hates bugs
Hobbies: reading books and lives to study hard to get good grades
Relationship status:has no boyfriend because she hate boys
Bio: keep trying you'll get there


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walks to gym were is everyone I see you (open rp) oh hey your looking around too?

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αℓяιgнт, gυуѕ ιf уσυ ʝσιи му ¢σммυиιту, ρℓєαѕє ʝυѕт ∂σи'т ρσѕт ιиαρρяσρяιαтє ѕтυff ℓιкє нєитαι, уυяι, уασι, є¢¢нι, σя αиутнιиg яєαℓℓу ∂ιѕтυявιиg σя gяσѕѕ вє¢αυѕє ι'ℓℓ вαи уσυ ιf уσυ ∂σ ρσѕт ѕσмєтнιиg ℓιкє тнαт.
вυт αℓѕσ нανє fυи!!

тнє ρяσfιℓє ѕнσυℓ∂ ℓσσк ℓιкє тнιѕ:

Relationship status:

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Hi I'm new Is this for people to rp

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Name: Link (I'm the one in the lighter colored jacket. The one looking away from the "fourth wall" is my brother Lincoln, who we call "Time.")

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Personality: Shy, not very talkative, can be selfless, compassionate, courageous when he needs to be.

Likes: Horses, archery, swords, skateboarding/snowboarding, running, basketball, soccer, music, cooking, climbing, drawing.

Dislikes: Bullies, being interrupted (with exceptions, like Time and Twilight), animal abuse, loud noises (sensitive ears).

Hobbies: Horse riding, archery, sword fighting, skateboarding/snowboarding, climbing mountains, drawing, listening to music.

Relationship status: Single

Sexuality: Straight

Bio: (Do we really need a Bio for our characters?) I am not very talkative, so sometimes I stutter...and I shake. I came from the land of Hyrule with my brother Lincoln, a.k.a Time, to learn more about the world...or just to learn in general. I am the youngest brother of our large family, Time is one of the eldest. He doesn't come to classes, he just takes me to school and picks me up after. We live in a very large house with our other siblings. There's me, Time, Twilight, Wind, Sky, Spirit, Warrior, Majora, World, and Past. Those are just our nicknames. Mine is Wild, but call me Link. There's also our cousins, the Dark Links, as we like to call them. They usually come over to our place every weekend or so to hang out and chat.
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